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How confident are you in the Dallas Cowboys as we enter Week 1?

We’ll be measuring all season long.

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There is a lot of optimism surrounding Dallas Cowboys fans as the 2020 NFL season is set to begin. It is a strange thing to see so much hype surrounding a team with a new head coach since the first year under a new leader can often be one of establishing a foundation for the future. How much the Cowboys are being hyped seems to be a reflection of the talent that they have on their roster which we all acknowledge is - in scientific terms - A WHOLE LOT.

Throughout the NFL season we will be tracking how confident Dallas Cowboys fans are with SB Nation Reacts. Confidence among football fans is a funny thing and the measurement is often just a snapshot at how things are in the given moment. Such is sports.

How confident are you in the Dallas Cowboys as the season gets ready to begin?

You might recall that we tracked confidence all season long in 2019 and things ended at a pretty low point after the Jason Garrett era (38%). That figure bumped up considerably (all the way to 70%) after free agency and then skyrocketed after the NFL Draft (96%!). According to SB Nation Reacts data, Cowboys fans are currently sitting on 70% confidence in the team.

Perhaps the tail off between the draft and now is just a result of being restless as we are all anxiously waiting for the season to begin. Ask any person who follows the NFL and they will tell you that the Dallas Cowboys are among the contenders to play in the season’s ultimate game in Tampa Bay.

Maybe those expectations are what is causing the lack of confidence. We are so scarred over the last quarter century as Cowboys fans that the moment anything remotely positive feels like it is starting to happen, we all tend to get spooked because we’ve been burned before.

A win on the road in Week 1 would go a long way in justifying the hype that the Cowboys have had over the course of the last week. Now is your last chance to get how you feel on the record before the season begins, how confident are you in the 2020 Dallas Cowboys?

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