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ESPN simulation #3869: Dallas Cowboys beat Eagles and Buccaneers en route to Super Bowl appearance

Would you be satisfied with this result for the Cowboys?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The events of the next six or so months are obviously unknown. The 2020 NFL season is going to be unlike any that we have ever seen before, but needless to say it should be quite the ride.

We are all anticipating the Dallas Cowboys to be among the more competitive teams when it’s all said and done. Cowboys fans are not alone in this regard to be fair, for what it’s worth some of the most prominent people in the media are picking America’s Team to be among those challenging for Super Bowl supremacy come January. How confident are you?

It is likely that if we played this season out many times that the Cowboys would succeed in a majority of them. The worldwide leader took it upon themselves to do an exercise of simulation in this vein, ESPN simulated the 2020 season 20,000 times. That’s a lot.

Of all those results one particular simulation was the one that they chose to write about. It is a good one for the Dallas Cowboys, almost good enough in fact.

ESPN simulation #3869 has the Dallas Cowboys losing Super Bowl LV to the Kansas City Chiefs

The thing about simulations like these is that they are, well, usually something like one out of 20,000. While it is certainly interesting to consider this one set of results there are obviously a number of ways that this thing can ultimately shake out.

While this particular simulation from the worldwide leader has the Cowboys playing in the final game of the season in Tampa Bay, how did they get there?

ESPN simulation #3869 for the Dallas Cowboys

  • Week 1 at Rams: 17-10 Loss
  • Week 2 vs. Falcons: 24-19 Win
  • Week 3 at Seahawks: 21-12 Win
  • Week 4 vs. Browns: 20-19 Win
  • Week 5 vs. Giants: 30-15 Win
  • Week 6 vs. Cardinals: 27-10 Loss
  • Week 7 at Washington: 26-23 Loss
  • Week 8 at Eagles: 30-14 Loss
  • Week 9 vs. Steelers: 13-10 Loss
  • Week 11 at Vikings: 45-12 Win
  • Week 12 vs. Washington: 24-14 Win
  • Week 13 at Ravens: 31-17 Loss
  • Week 14 at Bengals: 29-24 Win
  • Week 15 vs. 49ers: 31-17 Win
  • Week 16 vs. Eagles: 17-10 Win
  • Week 17 at Giants: 20-13 Loss
  • Wildcard Round at Eagles: 16-10 Win
  • Divisional Round at 49ers: 39-26 Win
  • NFC Championship Game at Buccaneers: 26-14 Win
  • Super Bowl LV vs. Chiefs: 42-17 Loss

Obviously some of this is a bit... impractical. For starter’s, it’s hard to see the Cowboys losing four games in a row, let alone the four right before the bye, and the internet not melting down as a result.

In all seriousness though, this simulation includes losses for Dallas against Washington and the Giants. Speaking as humbly as possible here, that just seems very unlikely. Although it is obviously difficult to sweep any division rival in any year.

While this simulation is definitely a bit erratic it is certainly nice to see the Cowboys getting to the Super Bowl. What’s more is that they go through the Eagles, the reigning NFC Champions, and Tom Brady to do it. That would be quite the ride to say the least.

Can you see any of this legitimately playing out?

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