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Mike McCarthy press conference: Tyron Smith looks like a game time decision, Amari Cooper is fine

The Cowboys coach spoke to the press for the last time this week.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Coach Mike McCarthy gave his final press conference of the week before the Cowboys take on the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Tyron Smith’s status

Coach said Smith’s injury happened in individual drills yesterday and they are still gathering information. He said tomorrow will be the key day. When asked about his preference between elevating a backup tackle or moving someone from somewhere else along the line, he said his preference was to move someone up. He conceded they do consider other combinations and that the matchups they will face on gameday also factor into the decision. He concluded by saying they still have 48 hours and that Smith is a pro and he wants to play and is doing everything to get there. The Cowboys do a mock game on Fridays and Smith did not participate.

Side note: This is what jerry had to say about Tyron Smith today.

Did you give Zack Martina and Connor Williams reps at tackle in training camp?

McCarthy said they did get some reps, but they will hold any decisions about what they will do on Sunday until game time, noting that they have to decide on what combinations they will use.

What is Friday regeneration day?

Coach had previously talked about how they do Friday’s a little different. They do this because Thursday is their heaviest work day of the week with a padded practice. The day starts at 7 AM with a young player’s meeting, followed by a special teams and quarterback’s meeting. That is followed by a team meeting, then they do a mock game run-through at a “jog speed” where they hit all situations. That is followed by an individual drill session and then a two-hour “stay” period that is designed by the trainers and deals with the player’s soft tissue areas. He noted the players are done by two in the afternoon.

Rookie meetings

McCarthy noted that in his past job they spent so much time with a young team and that they were always the youngest team in the NFL. He said that the approach is to educate young players because they are going to be playing sooner rather than later.

Amari Cooper status

McCarthy said that Cooper went through the mock game situation on Friday and that he doesn’t foresee any setbacks.

Impressions of Brandon Carr

McCarthy noted that Carr is very smart and a very instinctive player. He said that Carr has the size, measurables, and experience to play in the secondary and that he believes it helps safeties when they are able to play throughout the secondary.

Aldon Smith

Coach said he’s back and everything is fine.

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