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Dak Prescott made NFL history during his amazing performance in the Cowboys’ comeback win


NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys had their most thrilling performance of the young season on Sunday. It was a little touch and go for a while, but ultimately they got the win and that’s what matters most.

Great lessons can be learned in wins like this, the most obvious is never quit. A large part of the reason why the Cowboys overcame was quarterback Dak Prescott. The franchise signal-caller has a spotlight on him naturally due to the job that he holds, but having it in a contract year obviously adds some juice.

Dak Prescott made NFL history during the Cowboys’ comeback win

All offseason long we touted this team’s potential to cook up 40-burgers week in and week out. Their first one was obviously quite memorable and it was aided by a huge performance from their leader.

Dak threw for 450 yards and combined for four total touchdowns in Sunday’s game. Only one of those scores came through the air (shout out to Dalton Schultz for stepping up) as the other three happened on the ground.

This particular combination of accomplishments is something that only Dak Prescott has ever done. He stands alone on this page of the record books.

Nobody is handing out Lombardi Trophies for individual statistical accomplishments, but this is obviously a nice thing to have as a cherry on top of a win. Also, for what it’s worth, records like these are a bit circumstantial as it made sense to have Dak sneak in the touchdowns that he got on the ground, although he did get a nice one in off of a read-option.

For the record, the Falcons also set a record as the first team to score 39 points, get three turnovers and not have one themselves - and lose the game, But back to the Cowboys.

Dallas should learn well to let the offense flow through Dak Prescott. Running on first down put them in a hole that they were barely able to climb out of, here’s to them not doing that again any time soon.

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