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Trolling The Nation for Falcons @ Cowboys: “40 Burger. Served!”

Relive the fourth quarter via the comments of Cowboys fans and other as they watched a comeback for the ages.

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were thinking while they were watching the Cowboys comeback against the Falcons - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game. And to celebrate the occasion, we’ve added a new twist and added comments by Cowboys fans into the mix as well.

As epic as the Cowboys comeback was against the Falcons, the reactions of fans can be even more epic. We couldn’t let the occasion pass without archiving it for posterity. The Cowboys season was teetering on the edge of oblivion but they are now back in the game.


Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

Fourth Quarter
Falcons 29 - Cowboys 24
Falcons Nice contested TD
posted by Time StandsStill | 09:36 PM
(14:29) M.Ryan pass to R.Gage for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Falcons 36 - Cowboys 24
Cowboys You want 40 million a year? Go engineer 3 straight TD drives, or this thing is over.
posted by justicebieber | 09:38 PM
Falcons Heck yeah, what a strike.
posted by mca213 | 09:38 PM
Eagles Let's face it. Wentz just isn't that good.
posted by saragtoga7 | 09:38 PM
Cowboys Third and five. Get it to Witten.
posted by Keith 67 | 09:42 PM
Falcons The Cowboys now have more offensive yards than us.
posted by mysticbassist | 09:42 PM
Falcons Gimme 40 burger please!
posted by Time StandsStill | 09:43 PM
(12:53) 4-5-DAL 40 (Punt formation) D.Thompson up the middle for 3 yards. Turnover on downs
Cowboys There went the momentum. Game set match. Anyone missing Garrett yet?
posted by ACE2424 | 09:44 PM
posted by Keith 67 | 09:44 PM
Falcons Thank God for another ill-timed fake
posted by D1RTY-B1RDS | 09:44 PM
Cowboys We have officially become a laughing stock.
posted by 405dallasfan | 09:45 PM
Cowboys Maybe McCarthy isn’t a better coach than Garrett.
posted by Mark Barrington | 09:45 PM
Eagles Yeah guys, might be ready to see Hurts here pretty soon. Wentz has regressed so terribly.
posted by titsa_flappin | 09:45 PM
Cowboys So where are the mock drafts? This season is toast.
posted by Blueberrydakari | 09:46 PM
Falcons Dallas is giving us this game.
posted by DakotaKSU | 09:46 PM
Cowboys It's not too late for the front page writers to revise those preseason predictions.
posted by Rocketcoe | 09:47 PM
Eagles Please for the love of God, let the Jalen Hurts era begin.
posted by AgholoryHole | 09:47 PM
Cowboys So McCarthy’s time at the farm reflecting was just him playing Madden on Rookie mode?
posted by SaltyDawg | 09:48 PM
Saints Dallas is done …
posted by ZipCode70816 | 09:48 PM
Cowboys I guess we'll have to settle for 14-2.
posted by BlueStarsForever | 09:52 PM
Eagles I've noticed that I am not complaining as much about that second round pick.
posted by johnnyeagle | 09:52 PM
Falcons Just. Can't. Put. A. Team. Away. SMH.
posted by Blawggin4Kicks | 09:54 PM
Falcons This has to be a game of the week. I love the way we are fighting.
posted by redgun | 09:55 PM
(8:01) ATL 32 yard field goal is GOOD.
Falcons 39 - Cowboys 24
Falcons Raise your hand if you're still nervous about the win. I'm raising.
posted by FoxFalcon | 09:56 PM
I just raised both my hands and both feet
posted by D1RTY-B1RDS | 09:57 PM
Cowboys Here comes Dak. I am worried he may throw a pick 6.
posted by mightystar | 09:58 PM
Cowboys The only thing worse than our defense is our offense.
posted by CowboysWin | 09:58 PM
Falcons I don't think I've ever seen a less impressive 39 point game. I'm glad they scored that much but hardly feels as dominant as the score indicates.
posted by FreeTheMan | 09:58 PM
Eagles If anyone still thinks Wentz can lead this team to greatness go get your head checked out.
posted by froggyluv | 10:01 PM
(5:02) D.Prescott pass to D.Schultz for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Falcons 39 - Cowboys 30
Cowboys if I were Jerry Jones, I'd start fining people for celebrating anything when we're down more than 10 points.
posted by Chad Loveland | 10:02 PM
Cowboys When Dalton Schultz is your best player, what does it say?
posted by Kick03 | 10:02 PM
That you aren't paying attention to Zeke Elliott.
posted by MichiganCowboysFan | 10:02 PM
posted by Time StandsStill | 10:02 PM
Falcons pew pew we got a shoot out
posted by Time StandsStill | 10:02 PM
Cowboys Too little, too late.
posted by Blueberrydakari | 10:03 PM
Cowboys What in the Holy heck?
posted by WhatWouldDannyWhiteDo? | 10:03 PM
Falcons The rare TD that keeps it a 2-possession game.
posted by grendelg | 10:03 PM
Cowboys McCarthy cost his team a chance to win today.
posted by rocketcoe | 10:04 PM
Cowboys There was NO reason to go for 2 there...
posted by just-the-facts | 10:04 PM
Falcons McCarthy moving past Quinn for odds-on favorite to be fired.
posted by mysticbassist | 10:04 PM
Falcons Sigh, no lead is safe, come on Falcons O.
posted by Pacomc79 | 10:04 PM
Cowboys Mike McCarthy = Jason Garrett + 200 pounds.
posted by SBCNA | 10:05 PM
Cowboys "Dallas loses despite epic Dak Prescott Performance" - BTB headline probably.
posted by Pappas_23 | 10:05 PM
Falcons You have to wonder how this game would've went if McCarthy wasn't an absolute dumbass.
posted by FreeTheMan | 10:05 PM
Falcons There's no way we blow a 39-30 lead....
posted by why PM I angrier | 10:05 PM
Eagles Hurts pick making way more sense.
posted by A Graham Short | 10:05 PM
Cowboys We found a real whopper of a coach if I'm starting to miss ol' red two games in...
posted by unparde_7 | 10:07 PM
Cowboys I see why teams were knocking McCarthy’s door down trying to hire him... oh, wait.
posted by Aikman's-Mullet | 10:09 PM
Cowboys Welp, Washington Football Team wins division by default. Three 0-2 teams today.
posted by CowboyOcelot | 10:09 PM
Falcons Why we sitting like we have a 20 point lead?
posted by Time StandsStill | 10:12 PM
Cowboys Garbage time baby! Here we go.
posted by bcomets | 10:14 PM
Cowboys That right there is everything wrong with us. Huge over the top celebration down 2 possessions. It's 1 sack, late in a blowout loss.
posted by Chad Loveland | 10:14 PM
Falcons Guys, it’s a 2-possession game
posted by DakotaKSU | 10:14 PM
Cowboys Last Cowboys coach to start 0-2 (Wade); last to start 0-3 (Campo). Illustrious company for McCarthy!
posted by paikman8 | 10:16 PM
Giants Good news? Eagles are still in last place! Technically, the Giants are ahead of the Cowboys too, given their two conference losses. Progress!
posted by penguinfarmer | 10:16 PM
Oof. This comment did not age well.
posted by TrueBlueTom | 11:06 PM
(3:09) ATL punts
Cowboys Anybody know how to score 9 points on a single drive? Asking for Mike McCarthy.
posted by justicebieber | 10:17 PM
Falcons Dallas should really be playing with more urgency.
posted by grendelg | 10:17 PM
Cowboys Elbow was out of bounds....not a catch…
posted by just-the-facts | 10:22 PM
Those declarative statements still aren't working out for you I see. On the other hand, you are amazingly consistent.
posted by insman | 10:30 PM
Cowboys So we need a TD and an onside kick.
posted by Blueberrydakari | 10:23 PM
Falcons Honestly I would love to see the freak out here, if the Cowboys somehow win this, with a score and onside recovery.
posted by K Brunk | 10:23 PM
Eagles The Cowboys still have a shot of winning their game today. Down 9 but have 1st and goal. 2:00 warning.
posted by nononono | 10:23 PM
Falcons Seriously, what happens if Falcons blow this one? A.B. have the stones to fire Q Ball?
posted by Blawggin4Kicks | 10:24 PM
Falcons We'll just need to recover the onside .... something we're actually good at (I am assuming they score).
posted by FoxFalcon | 10:25 PM
Falcons Hey, a win is a win. Especially a win on the road.
posted by Allison123 | 10:25 PM
(1:52) D.Prescott up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Falcons 39 - Cowboys 37
Falcons Sad that I have no confidence we win here.
posted by 31seconds | 10:26 PM
Giants This Garrett offense is so unimaginative, predictable, and vanilla. No motions, no bootlegs. Predictable playcalling.
posted by Dr_Chocolate | 10:26 PM
Cowboys It appears this might not end well.
posted by Greg da Gama | 10:27 PM
It's appeared that way since about 12:15 CT.
posted by Nap | 10:29 PM
Cowboys Our odds of winning the Super Bowl are only slightly less than the odds of recovering this onside kick
posted by bcomets | 10:27 PM
Cowboys Can Zuerlein execute the onside kick?
posted by Blueberrydakari | 10:27 PM
Cowboys Almost a 40 burger all the way around.
posted by bcomets | 10:29 PM
Falcons Three freaking turnovers. Why is this a two-point game?
posted by EasyP | 10:30 PM
(Onside Kick formation) G.Zuerlein kicks onside 11 yards. RECOVERED by DAL
posted by Mr. Mango | 10:30 PM
posted by Jd Telford | 10:31 PM
Cowboys Too funny. Could this become a classic game?
posted by BlueStarsForever | 10:31 PM
Falcons This is hysterical.
posted by Blawggin4Kicks | 10:31 PM
Falcons Lmaooooo
posted by D1RTY-B1RDS | 10:31 PM
posted by K Brunk | 10:31 PM
Falcons Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
posted by Pete Zedoh | 10:31 PM
Saints HOLY CRAP!! Recovered the onside kick!
posted by Jricky70 | 10:31 PM
Cowboys I forgot to take my blood pressure medicine!!!!
posted by howboutdemcowboys | 10:32 PM
Cowboys I cannot believe they recovered the kick!
posted by Fernie67 | 10:32 PM
Falcons Fire the special teams coach.
posted by why PM I angrier | 10:32 PM
Also, out of a cannon, into the sun.
posted by grendelg | 10:32 PM
Falcons We suck. We suck so bad. This is just bad coaching. Dumbest team on earth.
posted by ghrosenb | 10:32 PM
Falcons FIRE DAN QUINN BEFORE THE GAME OVER trade everyone .
posted by Comptonfalcon | 10:32 PM
Seahawks The only plausible explanation is that Atlanta WANTS to lose.
posted by Darilus | 10:32 PM
Cowboys HOLY COW
posted by SBCNA | 10:33 PM
Cowboys holy cow
posted by Blueberrydakari | 10:33 PM
Cowboys Anyone else want to mention garbage stats again?
posted by Jd Telford | 10:33 PM
Cowboys Cardiac Cowboys back in full effect....
posted by Barbancourt | 10:33 PM
Falcons Move the team to San Diego, change the name, and I can just stop watching.
posted by grendelg | 10:33 PM
Falcons No lead ever safe with the Falcons.
posted by Allison123 | 10:33 PM
Giants Dallas just fielded on on-side kick.... :(
posted by CFM123 | 10:33 PM
Cowboys Buying a Greg the Leg jersey if he hits this.
posted by Rocketcoe | 10:34 PM
Cowboys Is it still garbage time? Askin' for a friend.
posted by Aggie Man | 10:34 PM
Seahawks My goodness the Falcons are dumb. They stood there and watched that onside kick go 10 yards.
posted by sas1969 | 10:34 PM
(:04) G.Zuerlein 46 yard field goal is GOOD.
Falcons 39 - Cowboys 40
Cowboys WIN!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Jd Telford | 10:35 PM
Cowboys Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
posted by howboutdemcowboys | 10:35 PM
Cowboys No. Way. Awesome.
posted by b.r.y.c.e | 10:35 PM
Falcons Allstate bonehead play of the year comes In week 2. Fire Quinn.
posted by The California trophy | 10:35 PM
Cowboys I don't care how ugly it was. I love you guys.
posted by howboutdemcowboys | 10:36 PM
Cowboys I was mistaken. Turns out, we're going to the friggin' Super Bowl, because we have the grace of the Gawds with us.
posted by mojo schmee | 10:36 PM
Cowboys I’ll take my crow well done.
posted by ACE2424 | 10:36 PM
Seahawks I’m not saying we can’t beat Dallas, but I would have much rather gotten an 0-2 team doubting themselves. Oh well.
posted by PullThe10Strings | 10:36 PM
Giants Boys hung 30 on them in the 2nd half. Explosive offense.
posted by NorCalBlue | 10:36 PM
posted by nym172 | 10:36 PM
They were losing 39-24 w/less than 5min left in the game!! And we can't even...
posted by BayAreaGYRK | 10:38 PM
Saints How Flatlanta was DAT?!
posted by SB SaintsPelsLady | 10:36 PM
Cowboys All you Dak haters, sit down.
posted by Greg da Gama | 10:37 PM
Cowboys WTH!!!!! How did Dak engineer that comeback!?
posted by KenOak | 10:37 PM
Falcons I’m speechless.
posted by FirstCityFalcon | 10:37 PM
Falcons Congratulations Dallas... you just won The Stupid Bowl. You'll be lucky to make the playoffs. We will fire our coach though... so we won today.
posted by QuinnMustGo | 10:37 PM
Seahawks 28-3
posted by Suburban Shocker | 10:37 PM
Cowboys TEAM 40 BURGER just stole that game. Talk about a nail biter!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by LobstaFarian | 10:38 PM
Cowboys 40 Burger. Served.
posted by BigHat in NewTexas | 10:38 PM
Cowboys One of the great Cowboys games of all time.
posted by Finstor | 10:38 PM
It wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was beautiful.
posted by Mark Barrington | 10:41 PM
Cowboys Group Hug. Bun slaps all around.
posted by Jeber | 10:39 PM
posted by Drivethrough_dakiris | 10:39 PM
Cowboys Too bad TTN is no longer a thing. It would have been glorious.
posted by Aggie Man | 10:41 PM
posted by Richardanddori | 10:42 PM
Falcons I'm about to go for a Forrest Gump level run
posted by why PM I angrier | 10:44 PM
Cowboys I'm a woman, so please forgive my unladylike comment, but I've been holding my breath and butt cheeks for five minutes now! Wow! Stunner!
posted by Dallasgirl | 10:45 PM
Falcons Well we only gave up 570 yrds.
posted by QuinnMustGo | 10:45 PM
Cowboys Just when I thought they couldn't be any dumber, they do this and totally redeem themselves.
posted by SoCalCowboy | 10:48 PM
Falcons So the Cowboys commit five turnovers (three lost fumbles and two failed 4th down conversions), fail on a two-point conversion, allow the Falcons a 20-0 lead in the first quarter and still win the game 40-39?
posted by High-sider | 10:49 PM
posted by Delirious Nomad | 10:51 PM
Cowboys All I could think in the final 4 seconds was "Wow, those goal posts look tiny, and I'm so glad it's not Maher kicking!"
posted by FinChase | 10:55 PM

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