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Dak Prescott tied Tony Romo for most 400-yard passing games in Cowboys history, in roughly half the games

Dak Prescott can get it done through the air.

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Just like he was in 2019, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is in a contract year in 2020. Two games in, especially in the immediate aftermath of the first win, he continues to look rather wise for betting on himself.

Prescott made NFL history with his performance against the Atlanta Falcons. He is the only player to ever throw for over 400 yards and rush for three touchdowns in the same game. That is a bit specific of a statistic, but it belongs to Dak and Dak alone, and that is pretty cool.

While he made NFL history, Dak also climbed to the top of a particular Cowboys record on Sunday. He is now tied with Tony Romo for the most 400-yard passing games in team history.

Dak Prescott tied Tony Romo for the most 400-yard passing games in team history... in about half the total games

Time works in weird ways at different points in our lives, so while it feels like Dak Prescott has been the Cowboys quarterback forever, Sunday was only his 66th game with the team. That he already has five games with over 400 yards passing is pretty remarkable.

As noted, he is now tied for the most in team history with Tony Romo. This isn’t meant to diminish what Romo did in any way, but he accomplished this feat five times over the course of 127 starts for the Cowboys (156 games). That is wild.

Tony Romo was an incredible passer for the Cowboys and had a lot of weapons to work with at different points in his career. Obviously he dealt with a variety of factors, unfortunately injuries among them, but he had the fortune of playing in the NFL’s passing boom era as well which is why there are 10 of these games between he and Dak. Unfortunately, as pointed out by Jori Epstein, Dak has a far better record in these contests than Romo: 4-1 to 0-5.

Prescott has a lot of football in front of him which is what makes this exciting. He has the potential to accomplish so much that will hopefully translate into championships for the team.

This game, and the NFL record that Dak now holds, shines a light on how Dak can also get things done on the ground, too (Romo also could once upon a time). If there is anything that is a certainty following Dak’s performance against the Falcons, it’s that the Cowboys are going to have to pay him an awful lot of money.

Buckle up.

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