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Mike McCarthy press conference: Chidobe Awuzie will miss multiple weeks with injury

The Cowboys head coach spoke to the press about the state of the team.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a thrilling Week 2 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Head coach Mike McCarthy answered questions form the press about that win, and what they face in the coming week. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Defending Russell Wilson

Coach McCarthy noted that Wilson’s ability to extend plays is important and he generates so many plays beyond the normal time clock on a drop back or paly-action. He said Wilson can make all the throws and his long ball accuracy is off the charts and that he throws big-time dimes. He said the most important thing is to keep the big plays to a minimum.

2.3 seconds

Coach mentioned 2.3 seconds as the average time it takes to run a play. He sometimes had a clock on the sideline that flashed at 2.3 seconds to let players know they were in extended time on a play. He thinks reacting well in that extended time is key to limiting big plays.

Dak and 2.3 seconds

McCarthy said that they haven’t had a lot of those type plays in games, but that Dak excels in extending the plays in practice. He noted that Seattle does a good job on it and it’s a focus.

Tyron will be working with the rehab group

McCarthy noted that Tyron Smith will work with the rehab group on Wednesday and therefore won’t practice during team drills. He added that DeMarcus Lawrence will miss practice due to a good personal matter.

He also said that Chidobe Awuzie is dealing with a multiple week injury. Brandon Carr will do more work at corner this eek to help with that situation.

Multiple combinations along the offensive line

McCarthy noted that you are always ready with multiple combinations along the offensive line and that the Cowboys are preparing so. He added that Brandon Knight played well against the Falcons.

Evaluating who plays on the left side

Brandon Knight and Terence Steele both played on the right side of the offensive line in college but the Cowboys obviously had to play one on the left in Tyron Smith’s absence. He noted that it was something the coaching staff evaluated very carefully.

He said that the decision was made to play Knight at left tackle to keep as much continuity as possible as Steele played on the right side in Week 1.

Coaches fined

Coaches around the NFL have been fined for not wearing masks on the sideline. McCarthy said that it’s a lot of money that they’ve been fined and that he will obviously continue to wear it. He added that he’s getting used to it and is trying to wear it as often as possible so that he does in fact become normalized with it.

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