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Cowboys fans are just as confident in the team right now as they were last week

The Cowboys confidence level has reached an equilibrium.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys won last week, and while that is literally true, it was not your normal win in the National Football League. America’s Team squeaked out a win by the thinnest of margins against the Atlanta Falcons and honestly should have lost. Had the team dropped to 0-2 on the season, there is no question that people would be rather angry on here as a result, but alas, all of that is more of a hypothetical scenario.

We just so happen to poll the confidence of Cowboys fans every week by way of SB Nation Reacts and had the team lost there is no doubt that people would be quite miffed. The team won though, and things are... the same?

Dallas Cowboys fans are just as confident in the team as they were this time last week

Optimism was fairly high around the Cowboys right after the NFL Draft, landing a player like CeeDee Lamb can certainly have that impact on a group of fans. Since then things tapered off, and obviously dipped a bit after the Week 1 loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

As you can see confidence didn’t fluctuate one direction or the other for the Cowboys as a result of beating the Falcons. The team did win, but they didn’t look great in the process. It’s no surprise people are simply at the same point that they were last week.

This week will offer quite the test for the Cowboys as they will be visiting the Seattle Seahawks. If Dallas is able to pull off a win in the Pacific Northwest there will undoubtedly be a larger injection of confidence, and if they lose people might be pushed off of the edge that they are currently balanced on.

It was the Seahawks that provided an inspiring sort of win for the Cowboys once upon a time, but that was six years ago and a lot of things have changed in very different ways since then.

Things are more of the same as far as Cowboys fans are concerned. Hopefully things aren’t more of the same as far as the actual Dallas Cowboys are concerned, though.

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