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Dak Prescott had a talk with Mike McCarthy about the importance of Kellen Moore to the Cowboys

QB1 recognizes how important Kellen Moore is to the Cowboys offense.

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If you ask your average Dallas Cowboys fan what they are most excited about for this season then odds are they are going to struggle to answer. And that is a very good thing. The heavy favorite for answer of choice would likely be first-round rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Watching him in what was already one of the NFL’s most efficient offenses, under the new tutelage of Mike McCarthy, has been at the forefront of minds for many months now.

Of course the offensive success that the Cowboys should have revolves around quarterback Dak Prescott, but he is hardly the only person heavily involved. Every skill position plays a role as does the aforementioned Mike McCarthy, but offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is a huge piece here. The fact that McCarthy kept him on his staff and in the same role is in itself something that has sparked optimism among fans.

Dak Prescott had a talk with Mike McCarthy about the importance of Kellen Moore to the Cowboys

The role that Kellen Moore played last season for the Cowboys was evident as the team experienced offensive success. It appears as if everyone involved with the 2020 version of the team is in agreement here, a point Dak Prescott noted on Wednesday.

“That continuity’s been huge. Been important for me and not just me but I’d say everybody within this offense. From some of the veteran offensive line guys to the receivers.”

“And I had a talk early on with McCarthy and it was just the importance of it being Kellen’s show and the way that he does things. Majority of the quarterbacks you look in the league that have had a lot of success have stayed in the same system and so that was the big importance for him is to keep me and the rest of this offense in the same system and take what we’ve done over the past few years and grow on that.”

“We’ve had some success but we’re just trying to take that to the next level and that’s what he offers us.”

It is clear that the Cowboys offensive players valued what Moore brought to them last season and Dak Prescott conveyed that to Mike McCarthy. Hopefully the results this season build on what the group did together a year ago.

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