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Over/unders for Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb’s rookie season are out, which would you take?

Just what are the expectations for the Cowboys rookie wide receiver?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout photo

It has been a long time since there was this much hype for a Dallas Cowboys season. A long time.

Some people might find that idea hard to believe given that we are in fact talking about the Dallas Cowboys. Every season is full of hype, but 2020 is different. Jason Garrett is gone and Mike McCarthy is in. There have been resources devoted at defensive tackle. Leighton Vander Esch is healthy. There are legitimate and measurable differences.

Of course, one of the most visible changes to America’s Team this season is the player wearing the franchise’s iconic number 88. CeeDee Lamb is in town and expectations are sky-high for him. Just how high is fair, though?

Over/Unders for CeeDee Lamb’s rookie season are out

Ultimately the way that success is going to be measured for the Dallas Cowboys is whether or not they win the Super Bowl. As true as that can be, there are still ways that we can gauge improvement from this current point to this point a year from now.

Statistics aren’t everything, but they can be valuable obviously. Our friends at BetOnline released over/unders for two notable ones regarding rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, specifically in the yards and touchdowns department.

It is difficult to anticipate how many yards or touchdowns Lamb will compile and much of the difficulty has nothing to do with his own talents. The Cowboys obviously have a lot of talented skill players, including two other wide receivers in Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, so how things shake out isn’t exactly predictable. This is partly why something like each of the three receivers eclipsing 1,000 yards isn’t a slam dunk proposition either.

CeeDee is effectively replacing Randall Cobb in the Dallas Cowboys offense and last year Cobb caught three touchdowns with 828 receiving yards to go along with that. Operating off of that logic, it is not hard to see Lamb having similar numbers, but again, the situation is going to play a factor.

It is my personal opinion that Lamb is going to easily hit the over in the touchdown department. Yards seem a bit more unpredictable, but he is a YAC gawd of sorts and that can go a long way there.

What would you take?

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