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Los Angeles Rams DE Michael Brockers says he’s been watching Cowboys training camp videos on YouTube

He probably hasn’t seen anything noteworthy.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At long last we have reached the regular season. A week from now there will be plenty of football in the rearview mirror and lots of highlights and game film for us to go back and watch.

Maybe you’ll watch the entire Cowboys game (what will surely be a win) on your television again, make sure you record it so that you’re able to. Perhaps you’ll look for highlights on social media. Or maybe you’ll watch some cut-ups of everything that went down at SoFi Stadium on YouTube, that place is generally pretty poppin’.

It seems as if one person who is going to be playing against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday has been perusing the tube of yous. Rams defensive end Michael Brockers made a comment on Monday that will make you giggle and might make Mike McCarthy limit coverage of next year’s training camp even more. Seriously.

Michael Brockers says he’s been watching Cowboys highlights on YouTube

This is a real sentence, although it isn’t necessarily some huge joke. Obviously training camps across the National Football League were extremely limited in terms of how they are normally covered as Covid-19 protocols made things different, plus there has been no preseason football this year. There has been very little football content going around that features actual football.

NFL coaches are by nature tight-lipped and in a season of such mystery did not want to tip their hands in any way, this of course included Mike McCarthy. When the Cowboys held their annual blue and white scrimmage over a week ago there was very little football action streamed by the mothership and all players were missing their names and numbers on their jerseys. There has been a conscious effort made by the team to not put anything on the internet that other teams could potentially watch and use to their advantage.

None of this is stopping Los Angeles Rams defensive end Michael Brockers, though. With no preseason game film to study ahead of Week 1 it seems like he is going to any length necessary. He has apparently been looking at training camp highlights on YouTube.

If I’m being honest here I respect the grind that Michael Brockers is putting in. It’s worth looking under every rock to find any possible advantage that you can, the story about Jimmy Johnson’s tip regarding Thurman Thomas ahead of Super Bowl XXVIII is legendary for that precise reason. This all obviously just sounds funny to us because we have seen absolutely nothing from the Cowboys and know that Brockers is chasing nothing here.

Mike McCarthy’s fingerprints have been all over the Cowboys for as long as he’s been the team’s head coach. It was clearly his effort that led to the minimizing of training camp footage, we will now get to see whether that truly offered up any sort of advantage for the team or not.

By the way, the Los Angeles Rams have been a part of Hard Knocks this season (along with the Los Angeles Chargers). They literally have a film crew devoted to chronicling their every step and putting it together for an hour-long episode every week. Hopefully the Cowboys have HBO as a part of their cable package for scouting purposes.

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