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UPDATE: Ezekiel Elliott says there will be some kneeling during the national anthem by Cowboys players; Jerry Jones statement

Cowboys players will do something they previously have not done.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Dak Prescott has made it clear that Cowboys players should be free to express themselves this season, even in protest.

“That’s what this country is about, the freedom to do that, the freedom to express yourself,” Prescott said Wednesday. “We heard Mr. Jones [Cowboys owner Jerry Jones] talk about grace and sharing grace and having grace with players in what they want to do. If I had it my way, that’s exactly what we’d do is express ourselves individually, but love and support one another collectively.”

He was joined by Tyrone Crawford who indicated that Cowboys players have been given the green light to protest this season by management.

“We definitely (have) the green light on all that,” Crawford said in a conference call. “But also just trying to find something that’s going to make a boom. It’s not just going to be something that people look at it one time and kind of swipe by it, they’re like ‘Oh that’s great. The Cowboys did that’ and swipe by it. We want to do something that makes a boom and that’s something that people remember and actually creates some change and we’ll figure that out.”

Now, Ezekiel Elliott joins that train of thought and declares that some Cowboys players will take a knee during the national anthem.

“I think we’re going to have guys kneeling, we’re going to have guys standing, and the biggest thing is that we’re all supporting each other,” Elliott said. “We’re all supporting each other and that’s what’s going to bring us all together.”

Elliott said he believes [Jerry] Jones will be OK with the players who decide to engage in a silent, peaceful protest during the anthem.

“I think everyone in the locker room feels that we’re going to get support from ownership, coaching staff and from each other. I think everyone is going to feel free to express themselves however they choose to,” Elliott said.

We’ve know for a while that Dontari Poe plans to take a knee in protest.

Obviously this is a sensitive issue that brings out strong opinions on both sides. We wanted to highlight it here so that everyone will be aware it’s coming, and in hopes of having thoughtful conversation around it. Reasonable people can disagree, so please refrain from attacking your fellow humans.


Jerry Jones also had a comment today.

He also said he hopes the fans will understand.

“I would expect the Cowboys to show great sensitivity, and I hope fans will receive it, however each individual presents it, that it’s a genuine ask for help, because right now in our society, we’ve got some things we need to address.” Jones said.

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