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CeeDee Lamb on his number one goal for his rookie season: Definitely win a Super Bowl

Well said.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Handout photo

The Dallas Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb. At long last we are finally going to get to see what this team looks like with their highly-touted rookie in the fold as the Cowboys officially begin their season on Sunday night on the road against the Los Angeles Rams. To say we have been waiting for it would be putting it lightly.

Much has been said about the potential for Lamb and the Cowboys. From being the greatest offense ever to having a trio of wide receivers that each top 1,000 receiving yards on the season, there are all sorts of goals and benchmarks that have been put out for the group to try and reach.

But what goals does Lamb have? He wants it all. As in all of it.

CeeDee Lamb’s number one goal for his rookie season is winning a Super Bowl

It might be stating the obvious to say that above anything else that CeeDee Lamb wants to win a Super Bowl in 2020. As “duh” as that is, the fact that he has his priorities straight football-wise is definitely great to see.

Thanks to our friends at Panini we got to ask Lamb a couple of questions on Tuesday evening and the first one was what the top goal for his first year in the NFL is. He confirmed that hoisting a Lombardi Trophy is at the top of the list.

“Definitely to win the Super Bowl. I would love to win one of those big boys. First year, obviously that’s a tough task with all the great teams, everybody that’s in the league right now. But I feel like it’s definitely, it’s a reachable goal. I feel like if we work hard enough, consistently, and do what we have to do, handle business, it can be done. So overall it’s definitely win a ship.”

Lamb said this with absolutely no arrogance for what it’s worth. He seems to be, like the rest of the Dallas Cowboys roster, quietly confident that they have a group of players that have the talent to do some special things, but that those things are going to require a lot of work.

There are in fact a lot of talented teams in the NFL and if the Cowboys were going to bathe in confetti the road to the franchise’s sixth world championship would hardly be an easy one. For what it’s worth Lamb comes from a tradition of success in college as the University of Oklahoma is used to being at the top, but speaking of, how does his former coach compare to his new one?

CeeDee Lamb thinks Mike McCarthy and Lincoln Riley are really similar

We have spent so much time dissecting the differences between Mike McCarthy and his predecessor that the days of wondering whether Lincoln Riley would be the person occupying the head coach’s chair at The Star feel like decades ago. That really happened.

Many people did think when Dallas was in the running for a head coach six or so months ago that they would dial up the bat phone in Norman, but they obviously chose McCarthy and did so rather quickly. Lamb is one of the only people to have experienced both in a legitimate capacity so far, and I was curious what he sees as the similarities and differences between them.

“I’m still trying to figure that out, I asked myself that a couple of days ago. I don’t know. They’re actually kind of the same type of coach to me just because I feel like they’re both offensive-minded. And they’re very creative with their plays, it’s fascinating.”

“Just being around Coach McCarthy lately, he’s, he’s a great, he’s a team, he’s a player’s coach. It’s hard for his players not to love him. He does a great job of spending time and understanding each problem that we need to solve as a team or picking out anything that we feel that we need to work on.”

“I don’t really, I can’t really compare it but I can definitely give you that they’re both, they’re a lot similar, just with the way they handle things and how they structure their playbooks and how they run their team.”

You can listen to his answer on Wednesday’s episode of The Ocho (scroll up) and we absolutely want to thank Panini again for the opportunity.

We are just days away. Get excited.

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