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Report: Philadelphia Eagles request interview with Kellen Moore for their vacant head coach position

The Eagles are eyeing one of the Cowboys’ own.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A shockwave of sorts was sent throughout Cowboys Nation on the eve of the team’s regular-season finale, a game they would go on to lose to the New York Giants. While many expected offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to leave the team to take a head coaching position at Boise State University, it was reported that he would be returning to the Cowboys on a three-year deal.

Moore has commanded the Cowboys offense for two seasons now, and while he has his critics, his impact is hard to ignore. In 2019, the Cowboys had one of the more efficient offenses in the NFL by DVOA standards and this past season Moore managed to make lemonade with the batch of lemons that survived the injury onslaught.

As noted, Boise State made a ton of sense for Moore’s career trajectory, specifically because it was Boise State. He is arguably the most accomplished player in that program’s history and he would seemingly blend in perfectly with the culture of college football as a whole.

Ultimately Moore might have turned down the opportunity to be Boise’s head coach, but could he turn down an NFL head coaching job?

The Philadelphia Eagles have requested an interview with Kellen Moore for their vacant head coach position

Earlier this week another shockwave was sent through football when the Philadelphia Eagles fired Doug Pederson. Obviously Pederson is the only head coach to win a Super Bowl in that franchise’s history and that happened just three years ago.

Whoever fills that role might ultimately be tasked with trying to fix quarterback Carson Wentz. The Eagles have been interviewing candidates as teams with vacancies do this time of year and on Thursday it was reported that they want to interview Kellen Moore.

Casting a wide net for Doug Pederson’s successor, the Philadelphia Eagles have requested an interview with an NFC East rival, Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, for their head coach opening, according to a source. Moore, 32, signed a three-year deal at the end of the 2020 season to remain with the Cowboys, pulling his name from the Boise State vacancy. The Cowboys had 513 yards and 37 points in Week 16 win vs. Eagles.

It would not be ideal for the Cowboys to lose Moore which is why it was significant that he chose a three-year deal with the team over a head coach opportunity at Boise State. As true as that is, it is sort of wild that he is already being considered a head coach candidate at the NFL level.

Many have noted how recent it was that Doug Pederson led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory. It was absolutely not too far in the rearview mirror. Those events happened in the 2017 season... the last year that Kellen Moore was still a player in the National Football League.

Moore’s rise has been quick and he clearly has a bright mind and future in the world of football. Ideally he is with the Cowboys for the foreseeable future, but it would surely be difficult for him to turn down an NFL head coaching opportunity if one came his way.

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