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Eagles interviewed Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore on Tuesday

We finally have confirmation of a Kellen Moore interview.

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The last game that the Philadelphia Eagles played (seemingly) to a truly competitive degree was one where they took a drubbing from the Dallas Cowboys. America’s Team put up 37 points against the bad guys in the penultimate week of the regular season (the second year in a row in which Dallas dropped exactly 37 points against the Eagles in their home building) and the week after saw Philly all but openly say that they were tanking in a game against the Washington Football Team.

Shortly after the Eagles fired the head coach, Doug Pederson, that helped lead them to a Super Bowl just three years ago, they began work at finding a new person to lead their dysfunctional franchise. Among their potential candidates have reportedly been two Cowboys candidates, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and as of Tuesday morning special teams coordinator John Fassel.

The Eagles interviewed Kellen Moore on Tuesday

While news of Philadelphia’s interest in Moore was first reported last week, it was not known whether or not the up-and-comer would in fact take an interview with the Eagles. The logic behind him doing so makes sense even if he had no interest in the job (it seems to be among the league’s least-preferred head coaching gigs given the number of issues surrounding the front office structure and quarterback). Moore is young and odds are high that he will one day be in charge of a team.

So why not take the interview? Why not experience what it’s like? See what kind of questions you’re asked, how you hold up, and you never know how valuable different connections or relationships will be in the future. For whatever reason, Moore did ultimately take the interview with the Eagles and it apparently happened on Tuesday.

It was the night before Week 17, against a team with an offense that is now coordinated by someone who took a path eerily similar to the one that Moore is on to ultimately become the Cowboys head coach, that news of Moore signing an extension with the Cowboys surfaced. It seems like this deal is for about $2M a year, the financial side of being a head coach is also another reason to consider taking the interview.

The Eagles have interviewed a number of candidates to date and a lot of people think that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels could be the one that ultimately winds up with that job. Whoever ends up having to fix Carson Wentz will be in for a lot of work, but obviously Moore has done a fine job in grooming Dak Prescott.

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