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One projection has the Dallas Cowboys landing four compensatory picks for the 2021 NFL Draft

More picks is definitely a good thing for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of work to do when it comes to re-tooling their roster this offseason. Obviously the status of quarterback Dak Prescott is going to be the headlines, but the Cowboys need to address a number of positions.

There are different avenues for the Cowboys to fill roster needs. There is free agency, but this is the Cowboys that we are talking about. Contrary to what the talking heads will tell you, Jerry Jones’ team isn’t all about making big splashes, the truth is that they are rather stingy when it comes to purchasing players on the open market.

Where Dallas has tried to make their way recently has come through the NFL Draft. We have seen this organization try to build a legitimate foundation, and obviously the more picks you have in the draft offers the more opportunities to do so.

One projection has the Dallas Cowboys landing four compensatory picks

The folks at are among the best in the business when it comes to tracking salary cap information in the NFL, and such is also the case when it comes to projecting compensatory picks.

As far as the formula that yields comp picks, the league has guarded it rather tightly. This is why projecting comp picks has proven to be difficult, but as mentioned OTC is better at it than most.

Last week OTC published their projections for compensatory picks in 2021 and have the Cowboys leading the way with four.

  • 3rd Round Comp Pick for Byron Jones
  • 4th Round Comp Pick for Robert Quinn
  • 5th Round Comp Pick for Randall Cobb
  • 6th Round Comp Pick for Jeff Heath

Again, the full formula for how these picks are awarded remains a mystery, but it is largely based (in general) on the number of free agents lost and gained in an offseason and the contracts awarded to them. As you can see these projections are in response to some of the more notable people that the Cowboys lost in free agency a year ago.

It is worth mentioning that the Cowboys do not have a fifth-round pick in 2021 thanks to the trade (with the Philadelphia Eagles of all teams) to move up last year in order to draft center Tyler Biadasz.

Going even further back in time, when the Cowboys traded for Robert Quinn in 2019 many forecasted this exact situation. In an ideal world an NFL team will trade for someone on an expiring contract, get a year’s worth of legitimate production out of them, and land a compensatory pick in return when they get a big contract with a new team.

Perhaps Andy Dalton can fetch the Cowboys a 2022 compensatory pick, but we are a long ways off from that. For now we can cross our fingers that these projections hold true as it would give the Cowboys that many more picks to work with come draft time.

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