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Jimmy Johnson on the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott: They need to get him signed!

The Cowboys ex-coach speaks his mind.

January 30, 1994: Super Bowl XXVIII - Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Dak Prescott’s name has been at the forefront of a number of conversations this past week, that’s the reality of a quarterback not having a long-term deal locked up and being set to hit free agency. The Cowboys have less than two months to get things done before the proverbial temperature will rise on the situation. If the team does not agree on a long-term deal with the most important person in the locker room then they will have to place the franchise tag on him for a second straight season.

Needless to say the Cowboys are sort of playing with fire here which has been an opinion that has picked up more support over the last year or so.

Jimmy Johnson believes the Cowboys need to get Dak Prescott signed

There are certain people in Dallas Cowboys history who’s voices ring a bit louder than others. Notable players in the franchise’s past carry more sway than others, a lot of them happen to be prominent members of the media so they have stages on a weekly basis, but one of them is a former coach.

Pro Football Hall of Famer (yet still not Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor member...) Jimmy Johnson appeared on The Rich Eisen Show on Friday afternoon and - shocker here - was asked about the Dak Prescott situation. He said that the Cowboys need to get him signed and that waiting as long as they have has only driven the price up.

“They need to get him signed! They should have given in to the four-year deal last year. Would have saved them some money. They wanted five years. But they’ve got to get him signed. And not only is he an outstanding quarterback, he’s not Patrick Mahomes, but he is an outstanding quarterback and on top of that he is a great leader. Leader for that football team. So they need to get him signed. And the other thing is, until you find somebody better, you don’t ever give up a quarterback.”

“...They should have signed him three years ago. They should have signed him two years ago. They should have signed him, you know, last offseason. And every time they did not sign him, the price just kept going up. But they need to get it done.”

What Johnson said here is pretty general and widely-known information, yet somehow it still needs to be said. For the third year in a row the Cowboys are trying to lock down (to say it again) the most important player in the locker room and seemingly refuse to pay him market rate when they have had no issue reaching that price for low-level positions that Jaylon Smith and Ezekiel Elliott play.

Prescott’s leadership has always been a talking point when it comes to assets that he brings to the table. While some have questioned exactly how tangible this is, the state of the Cowboys locker room this past season when he was absent from it on a weekly basis seems to put that all in perspective.

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