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Troy Aikman’s explanation on his Kellen Moore comments is rather interesting

An interesting comment from Cowboys great, number 8.

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It has been a busy last couple of days for the Dallas Cowboys. On Saturday night they pulled a bit of a stunner when it was reported that they would be keeping offensive coordinator Kellen Moore for the foreseeable future. This was particularly surprising because Moore, who has coordinated an offense that has seen some notable highs over the last two years, figured to be a frontrunner for one of the vacant jobs in the world of college football. What’s more is that the job at his alma mater of Boise State was (and still is) available, and it’s not hard to connect those two dots.

It all ended up moot though as the Cowboys and Moore will be together for at least a few more years. Why did that happen all of a sudden, though? We likely will never get a full explanation on the details from the team or Moore himself, but Troy Aikman of all people had a comment on Sunday afternoon that made the situation all the more puzzling.

Troy Aikman’s explanation of his Kellen Moore comments is rather interesting

While the Cowboys were playing against the New York Giants, a must-win game that they wound up losing, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were having conversations as they normally do during FOX broadcasts.

In talking about the Moore news from the night before Aikman inferred that it was his understanding that Moore had even accepted the job at Boise State so he was unsure what ultimately dissolved there. You can hear his comment right here.

It should be noted that the verbiage associated with the report of Moore staying with the Cowboys (which originally came from ESPN) said that he was “bypassing an opportunity” to return to his alma mater. This doesn’t explicitly say that Moore was offered the job and simply could have broadly meant that he was bypassing the “opportunity” to be involved, but semantics and what not.

Troy Aikman appeared on The Ticket on Tuesday morning as per his usual routine and was obviously asked to clarify his comments. Here is what he said as transcribed by The Athletics’s Jon Machota.

This is certainly very interesting as Aikman goes as far as saying that he was told that Moore was offered and accepted the job. If you’re a Boise fan, perhaps you are troubled by the university not being in support of the football program as much as Moore would have seemingly liked, but as Aikman notes it does seem like a positive sign for Moore that he bailed when he found that out.

Whatever the case may be, however things ultimately happened, Kellen Moore is staying with the Cowboys. In an ideal world he will have his full complement of offensive weaponry in 2021. Let’s hope that this is the case.

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