The Good, The Bad, and Not the Revenge We Expected Against New York

The Good:

1:Big Passing TDs: Dak had two big passing TDs in the first half. One was more than 40 yards to Lamb and the second was 24 yards.

2. First Half Rushing: On a whole, the rushing game was good, but it was really the running game in the first half that had been dominant in terms of the plays called yards gained.

3. Turnovers Forced: The defense has remained good at forcing turnovers, with both Diggs and Brown getting INTs and Brown even getting pick six.

4. Fourth Down Defense: When the Giants managed to avoid mistakes on offense, be it INTs, poor snaps, and fighting with Dallas players, they did manage to move the ball, despite losing players to injury and this ultimately required the defense to buckle down. In the fourth quarter this set up 4th down attempt... and the defense did force one of them.

5. Passing Game after the 1st Quarter: While Dak was largely stopped in the first quarter with regard to the passing game, he largely recovered. Dak mad multiple good throws, including 3 touchdowns, 2 being long passes to Lamb and Cooper, and one short pass to Zeke who danced into the end zone in the in the 30rd quarter. There was also one brilliant trick play that allowed Wilson to hit a big passing play.

The Bad:

1: Biadasz: He had some good run blocks during the game and one fumble recover... but he also seemed to struggle at times with some pass blocks that either lead to sacks on Dak or forced incomplete passes. He also had a couple of bad snaps that lead to one lost fumble and others that complicated plays made in the game. To an extent, these plays weren't horrible... but Biadasz could have been a lot better.

2. Turnovers made or risked: Dak's game was largely fairly good with some big plays, but neither was he free of negative plays. The INT is ultimately excusable to some extent, as that was the result of a tipped pass... but Dak also had one pass later in the game that probably should have been picked off by the Giants' defense. And while Biadasz had had some trouble with his snaps, the lost fumble wasn't something that Dak couldn't recover from. In fact, the lost fumble was also something that Dak had managed to recover from in previous starts. In this, he could have paid more attention to securing the snap and THEN handing the ball off.

3: Penalties: This was something that did the most to hurt the team and the offense. Dak had a few good plays that were offset by penalties, including a ten yard completion to Zeke. Zeke and Pollard both had a few carries that were negated by penalties... and these helped force field goals rather than touchdowns in the 2nd half. One negated a first down gained with a post play penalty, and then there was Dallas's part in the mutual unnecessary roughness penalties in the 4th Quarter. Granted its a rivalry game... but that's also no excuse to throw a Giants player to the ground.

Not the Revenge We Expected: This game was to be the "revenge" for the injury Dak took last season against the Giants. After all... it was a rematch of that game and taking place in the same weak. And I'm sure the team was focused on winning the game to show that Dak was back and wouldn't be haunted by the ankle injury he took in that game last year. And for the most part, Dak did reasonably well and had his revenge....

However, the Giants came into this game with a host of injuries that already had guys missing time and then more injuries happened in the game. Barkley had to have badly sprained his ankle, stepping on Jordan Lewis's foot. Jones suffered a concussion trying to run for a touchdown. Golladay also left the game with an injury and an already short handed Giants roster ended the game not only with a loss further short handed. And while I'm sure "revenge" for Dak getting hurt last year was desired... I'm sure the injuries suffered by the Giants today weren't sought to be inflicted.

In this... we got the win, but a win brought the sort of revenge that wasn't expected or intended. Hopefully things get better going forward and a healthier matchup may be had later in the year...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.