Our QB cap situation


Over the cap says Dak counts for about 8.3% of 2021 salary cap. It’s difficult to simplify how that figure changes in 22 and 23 but we know his dollar amount increases from $17m in 21 to $37m in 22 and $45m in 23. So the cap hit may be as high as 20-22% in 23. No surprise, really, that Dallas wanted to draft 11 players this year and appears committed to a (low cost) youth movement. However, we also seem unwilling to spend on a serviceable back-up qb because of the concentration of cap value in one position. // I think that’s a problem for us that will likely get worse, especially with Covid. Plus, dak’scontract duration is short and allows him to increase the cap concentration on his contract. // Ideas: (1) we need to draft a back-up qb with top 3 round qb (2) we need to somehow motivate Dak and agent to not demand an increasing portion of the cap as better for his own long-term success. Besides, What can one man do with $200m that he can’t do w $100m?