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Crunching Cowboys stats: The numbers show that Dallas is dominating

The Cowboys are certainly giving fans plenty to celebrate.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
We’re all happy.
Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

After many Dallas Cowboys games, the stats and numbers can be mined for weak points and places the team needs to improve. Well, with the four-game win streak, [redacted] that. This week, we look at the 44-20 win over the New York Giants as well as the season performances to date and pluck out the good stuff. And man, there is a lot of good stuff.

Zeke feasted

Guess he’s not so washed after all, huh?

Another 100+ yard game with at least one score for Elliott. He now ranks third among rushers in the league pending the results of the Monday night game. He was obviously a big part of the second game in a row with over 200 yards on the ground for the team. It isn’t just grinding it out with a lot of carries, either.

It’s also very interesting to see just how he got his yards Sunday.

We’ve known for a while that the Cowboys are right-handed running the ball behind RG Zack Martin. But as the tweet acknowledges, RT Terence Steele has become an important part of that equation. It is gratifying to see him having so much success after taking a real beating from fans and media last year. He was unfairly forced into playing with no real preparation, but he has turned that into unexpected success this season.

When you are still good even when you are bad

Unless you are remarkably placid, you probably felt more than a touch of apprehension at how Dak Prescott started out the game. He had an interception and a lost fumble, nearly had a couple of other passes picked, and things just didn’t look in sync.

And he still wound up with a very good day at the office. He is also putting the lie to the “dink and Dak” meme.

This is not just some recent development, either.

Yes, there is now a homefield advantage at AT&T Stadium. He’s not just cooking there, either.

After the devastating injury last year, we could only hope that he would return and be able to play effectively. On the anniversary weekend of that day, he proved he is doing far more than just that.


Who saw this coming?

This is an indication of how complete a tight end Dalton Schultz has become, because it incorporates his blocking as well as receiving. But he is doing just fine catching the ball. He is tied for fifteenth in the league in TD receptions, and is fourth among all tight ends in yardage. For a guy who was the backup last year, his emergence has been sudden and stunning. He is Prescott’s safety blanket and a serious weapon in his own right. If this brings back memories of the Tony Romo-Jason Witten connection in its prime, well, your memory is just fine.

Speaking of well-rounded...

With the multiple injuries and one suspension of planned starters this season, the way the depth players have stepped up is a key to the success in Dallas so far. One of those is Cedrick Wilson, who has been called on to take up the slack for Michael Gallup. On Sunday, he had quite the trifecta.

That little stats oddity deserves the shout out.

It takes a village

Just how balanced is this offense?

That seems good.

It’s that man again

Aaiden’s dad just keeps on keeping on. Trevon Diggs is off to a record-setting start.

It seems impossible for him to sustain this level of play. Except that he keeps on doing it. He came close on two other plays to getting picks against the Giants as well.

Turns out that former wide receivers (and the brothers of outstanding WRs) can make pretty good corners.

Maybe that Saban guy is kinda decent at his job.

Now to correct something

Anthony Brown has been taking a lot of criticism this year. But if you really look at things, that is rather undeserved.

Don’t listen to the haters, Anthony. You are making a valuable contribution.

Hand-in-hand with picks goes a good pass rush

With DeMarcus Lawrence still out, Randy Gregory is finally having a breakout season. That is as long as you look at all the stats and not just sacks.

And just like in so many other areas for this team, Gregory is not doing it alone.

We’ve already mentioned Prescott’s performance, but this seems like a good time to mention that sometimes trying to get pressure doesn’t work. At least when you have a QB like him.

Underrated stat of the day

The Cowboys had 44 of their 46 game day players take snaps in the game. Only OT Ty Nsekhe and backup QB Cooper Rush did not see the field. They are not only playing so well with multiple starters still out, they are getting almost all the backups valuable playing time. This is a very deep roster.

Now for a few words from Vegas

The oddsmakers in the desert know things.

That’s a lot of Cowboys in contention for end of the year honors. And CPOY is all but over except the shouting.

Of course, the oddsmakers don’t always get things right.

If you’ve been betting on the Cowboys, enjoy your winnings.

This is a very rosy picture. There were certainly warts on Sunday, but given the 4-1 record and the two-game lead in the division this early, a heavy dose of good news and optimism seemed the only appropriate way to go. Now on to the New England Patriots, where the Bill Belichick luster seems to have lost its sheen. Here’s hoping we have a lot more fun numbers to look at in a week.

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