Friday Morning random thoughts

I know everyone is concerned over Tyron Smiths neck showing up on the injury report. While there is cause for concern, the fact he was listed as limited as opposed to DNP is a good thing. He is expected to play against Tampa Bay, which I have mixed feelings over which I'll discuss in a minute. But how good are the Patriots? The record says that they are 2-3. They lost by a field goal to the dolphins, buccs and 2 and half scores to the Saints, who are quite a confusing team. They could easily be 4-1 or so.

The eagles lost, they're 2-4, I don't think anyone expects the wtf to beat the chiefs, they'll be 2-4. On the one hand, having Tyron Smith playing and carrying momentum into the bye the week for Dallas would set them up with a 5-1 record, 3 games up on the eagles and wft. On the other hand, it wouldn't be a bad thing to let Tyron rest and if Dallas loses, it wouldn't hurt them per say. The 2 biggest threats, as I use that term loosely are the eagles and wft, who have not had their bye week yet. The eagles bye week is week 14, the wft bye week is week 9. Here's what we can be looking at. Obviously this is all assumption but lets see how interesting things can be with a Cowboys loss.

Cowboys 4-2

WTF 2-4

Eagles 2-4

Dallas bye

Now looking at after the bye week eagles face the raiders, wft faces the packers and dallas faces the vikings.

Let's assume both the wtf team and eagles win and dallas loses

Cowboys 4-3

Eagles/WTF 3-4

See your still a game up with head to head victory already against the eagles. Obviously the best thing to do is win, but a loss wouldn't hurt us.

So what if Tyron Smith's neck injury is more serious? Do you spend your first round pick on his eventual replacement? What if he retires? There's a ton of quality offensive tackles you can take in the mid rounds, Obinna Eze from TCU is one to watch, although I also have my eye on Evan Neal from Bama.

Welp here's hoping for a win heading into the bye week.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.