Why Doesn’t Deep Football Analysis Exist for Cowboys Fans?

The fact that you’re reading a fan post right now says a good deal. It says you’re hungry for Cowboys content, to be sure.

And this feeds into the question I am asking with this post. How is it that the highest-valued sports franchise on the planet, with one of the most innovative coaching staffs in pro football, doesn’t have a site, affiliated with the team or not, that does serious Xs and Os analysis?

Folks, we are missing a golden opportunity. Kellen Moore will be leaving this franchise soon, if you believe Troy Aikman, who seems quite certain that Moore will be hired as a head coach after this season. And we are truly blessed with innovative play calling that is torturing opposing defenses. In addition, even though this defensive roster is far from complete, Dan Quinn is also dialing up a creative assortment of coverages and pressures.

Is it not possible to put together a team of writers that are former coaches who can actually speak accurately and insightfully about what our Cowboys are doing week in and week out?

It doesn’t happen on, it doesn’t happen on ESPN, and with all due respect, it doesn’t happen here at BTB either. I will be the first to admit that I’m not qualified to do the kind of in-depth analysis I am seeking.

Almost everything we read across the internet is stating the obvious: "the Cowboys run game is excellent and this is making it easier to pass." Roger that.

"Parsons’ versatility makes it easier for Quinn to be unpredictable." Got it.

I think there are plenty of Cowboys fans like myself, scattered across the nation, who would love to find a site that taught us about the game and specifically what our ‘boys were doing play-by-play and quarter-by-quarter in the chess match that plays out in these games.

Am I right about this or am I just a hopeless football nerd?

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