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Cowboys game ball: Big plays, big mistakes in thrilling OT win makes the game ball call a tough one

The Cowboys had their issues on the day, but came through in the clutch.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys tried to give the game away, and almost accomplished that, but somehow came through in the end for a 35-29 overtime win over the New England Patriots. There were moments in the game when the Cowboys just failed to capitalize, including some fourth-down plays and goal line plays. They also sabotaged other plays with penalties. In fact, they sabotaged a ton of yards and crucial gains with 12 penalties for 115 yards. You have to give the team credit, though, as they didn’t quit and multiple times when it looked like they may lose, they somehow stayed in the game.

Dak Prescott would certainly be a candidate for a game ball. He threw for 445 yards on 36-for-51 passing, including the game winner in overtime. Prescott held the team together through some trying times in the game and certainly gives the team a chance to win each and every week. But we have to ding him just a bit for the interception on an underthrown ball, and the fumble at the goal line (even though it was obvious he scored on the previous play). With the way Prescott plays, he’s always in contention for the game ball, but we’re going to go elsewhere this week.

Trevon Diggs is another candidate as he did it again. He now has interceptions in all six games the Cowboys have played this year, and in this game it was a very crucial pick-six. The Patriots had the ball late and were trying seal the deal, but Diggs put the Cowboys on top with a score. Unfortunately for Diggs, he got beat on a double-move on the next Patriots offensive play and New England went right back in front.

Randy Gregory put on together another impressive game with two sacks. One of them caused a fumble that the Cowboys recovered in good field position. Dallas didn’t really have a potent pass rush on the day, but Gregory at least provided something for the team.

But the real star of the game, and winner of the game ball for this week, is CeeDee Lamb. Obviously he deserves kudos for his 35-yard touchdown catch in overtime that won the game, but he was a weapon throughout the game. He caught nine passes for 149 yards and two touchdowns. He averaged 16.6 yards per catch, and he picked up quality yards after the catch on several occasions. He was Prescott’s go-to player on the day and he did not disappoint. His production helped will the Cowboys to victory and sent us all into the bye week feeling pretty good about a 5-1 Cowboys team.

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