It's Monday, the start of a bye week, some thoughts

Look, Mac Jones is going to be a heck of a QB, but like most rookies, they will have their welcome to the NFL rook moments. I really never expected it to go back and forth, but you know, BB is a hall of fame coach whether you like him or not, so in a way it was expected.

What I find to be most disturbing is where the roughing the passer calls?? Clear shots to Dak's head, there was one that happened during a very questionable "holding" call. I am wiling to bet there will be a fine, that's all good and dandy but where was the call during the game? When I am seeing eagles fans even stating that was a touchdown on 3rd and goal before the lost fumble, it really makes you wonder what the refs are doing.

Ah, now onto the controversial 75 yard TD pass, Diggs/Kazee (at least I think it was) safety taking a bad angle, you know, I have seen that happen even with the best of defenses.

Is this defense really good enough to make a run after 6 weeks? Yes and No. Look, Dallas defense gave up 353 yards of offense, which is gross, but considering where 1 TD drive was only what 35 or so yards, you can't really complain that would have still been in field goal range. The aforementioned 75 yard TD pass cannot happen, but on the other hand, they're still taking the ball away, Randy Gregory another 2 sack performance, he's coming onto his own, and of course Tank is coming back from injury, Steele is looking not all pro per say but he's been solid, Gallimore is coming back soon, KJ is coming back, Collins is coming back. Most importantly, this is a game Dallas would have lost say in 2015 Saints vs Cowboys when they couldn't make a stop when they needed to, this defense dug deep and stopped the Patriots offense in OT, oh sure you can argue about Anthony Brown and how that should have been called a facemask, and how many things did the Patriots get away with? Cry me a river, the Patriots defense still had a chance to stop but didn't, so you know, whatever.

So you want to stop Pollard and Zeke on the ground eh? (a combined 27 rushes for 110 yards) Sure it's not the 200 plus yard rush performances were used to seeing, but check it.....Zeke 24 touches 119 yards, Pollard 13 touches 63 yards. Even when you stop them you don't really stop them, Zeke had crucial catches that kept drives alive.

Last but not least....Dallas is 5-1 heading into the bye week.....HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.