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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys at Patriots: “Sucks to see the Cowboys be so good this season.”

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched Dallas score an overtime win in New England.

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were thinking while they were watching the Cowboys take it to the Patriots - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game.

Follow along as the drama unfolded on Sunday and the game inched towards its inevitable conclusion in overtime.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Jets I'd love to see Dallas destroy the Pats this afternoon. That would be nice.
Broadway Jose | 15:01EDT
Jets Can we laugh at Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge again? Because they're basically as lost as we are long term and they're in year 4 of Gettleman's plan.
IMissFatRex | 16:06EDT
(11:49) 4th-and-1 at DAL 34: Ezekiel Elliott for no gain. Turnover on downs
Patriots There's no way there's enough to overturn this.
Pats062893 | 16:31EDT
Patriots Yessir!!! What a stop!!!
Makeithappen19 | 16:31EDT
Patriots Elliott is short on replay.
Michael McDermott | 16:31EDT
Eagles Mike McCarthy with a weird decision.
HakunaMailata | 16:31EDT
nononono | 16:34EDT
Patriots Confirmed. McCarthy is still an idiot.
Mark_P | 16:33EDT
Patriots Like that wildcat down there.
Mikesully131 | 16:37EDT
(10:20) D.Harris up the middle for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 0 - Patriots 7
Patriots TD Harris!!!!
Makeithappen19 | 16:37EDT
Patriots Dare I say the Patriots are finally starting to look like the Patriots?
AronL | 16:39EDT
Jets Wait, why did Mike McCarthy go for it 4th and 2 on own 34 on the first drive of the game?
Madrid above all | 16:43EDT
Because... McCarthy?
quietnetfan | 16:44EDT
I was in and out of different games and saw they went for it and was confused. I thought Maybe I missed something but turns out it was just McCarthy being stupid?
Madrid above all | 16:46EDT
Patriots What stupidly arrogant decisions by McCarthy so far! Never should have gone on 4th and 1, never should have challenged. Thanks for the TD and the timeout, Mike!
pminot | 16:44EDT
Patriots Cowboys driving down the field like the defense isn't even playing.
Tony121 | 16:45EDT
(6:43) D.Prescott pass to B.Jarwin for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 7 - Patriots 7
Patriots Too easy.
Mark Bruloir | 16:45EDT
Patriots Ahh, yes...the Matador defense. 7-7.
DrDunk | 16:46EDT
Patriots Only good news about this drive is it'll be over quickly.
PatsFan71 | 16:46EDT
Patriots Have to win this one in a shootout. Not sure if we can. Definitely need defensive stops!
Ricky Hot Pants | 16:48EDT
Zero chance we win a shootout.
Tony121 | 16:48EDT
Correct...shootout means 35-27 loss..
DrDunk | 16:53EDT
Patriots That drive was a glorified Dallas scrimmage.
zeppage2 | 16:49EDT
(4:50) M.Jones pass to H.Henry for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 7 - Patriots 14
Patriots Henry TD.
sc252 | 16:53EDT
Patriots What a drive!
Pats062893 | 16:53EDT
Patriots Who says Mac can't throw deep?
poindexterregan | 16:54EDT
Patriots Offense looking like a well-oiled machine so far!
Makeithappen19 | 16:54EDT
Jets Damn! Mac Jones threw a 13 yard bomb.
Broadway Jose | 16:55EDT
Saints I wouldn't mind seeing the Patriots win this game.....but that's a tall order for them.
ZipCode70816 | 16:58EDT
Patriots way you best Cowboys turtling. We have to score points.
DrDunk | 16:58EDT
Patriots if you like defense this is not the game for you.
Mark_P | 16:58EDT
Patriots We just have to keep hoping for the Cowboys to commit offensive penalties.
Pats062893 | 16:59EDT
Patriots Sadly our D is playing softer than Patricia's mid-morning Little Debbie's.
PatsFan71 | 17:00EDT
Patriots Can we seriously stop with the cuts to Steve Belichick? Would totally be okay with forgetting he exists.
Tony121 | 17:02EDT
Patriots They gotta stop showing Bill's jagoff kid on the sidelines like dude does anything at all.
Marcus Banks 11 | 17:02EDT
Not to mention he looks like a complete clown.
Tony121 | 17:03EDT
He's like a parody of an actual coach. His defense is trash and he makes moronic faces on the sideline.
Pats062893 | 17:04EDT
Seahawks Someone tell the Pats' defense about this thing called "contain".
djafrot | 17:03EDT
Patriots Thank God for the penalty!
Makeithappen19 | 17:03EDT
Patriots Dallas OL is the Patriots MVP
Michael McDermott | 17:03EDT
Patriots Gonna hafta win that shootout after all. Their receivers are destroying us.
Mark Bruloir | 17:04EDT
Patriots A lot of excitement for one quarter.
PatrioticChief | 17:07EDT
Patriots DUDE ! Beiichick wake up ! Your zone sucks ! Good grief !
Mikesully131 | 17:07EDT
Patriots Lol at this rate Dak's gonna throw for 600 yards... get it together D.
SkiBum22 | 17:07EDT
Patriots What kind of a game plan is this on defense. Steve Belichick is absolute trash. Kraft should tell Bill to kick his son to the curb.
Pats062893 | 17:08EDT
Chances of this are .0000005
DrDunk | 17:08EDT
Patriots Their offense is unfair!
tomrody | 17:09EDT
Patriots They have called 6 penalties on Dallas in a quarter. How many calls do you want? We are getting no pressure at the moment, but, Dallas has an elite offense. Going to have to score to beat them. | 17:10EDT

Second Quarter
Patriots The Cowboys are for real. They will walk to NFC East title and get to rest injured players for postseason final 2-3 games. IMO, they have good shot to go deep.
DrDunk | 17:11EDT
Patriots The defense will be alright. This is what happens when you play a great offense.
sc252 | 17:12EDT
Patriots Got to hold to FG. That is key. Cowboys are going to put up 500+ yards...easy. Only chance is force FG. This play is critical.
DrDunk | 17:14EDT
Jets Hoodie dialing up the bend not break D.
Huge Jets Fan | 17:14EDT
Patriots Need a turnover.
ChestnutTrill | 17:14EDT
(12:48) D.Prescott pass deep left intended for C.Wilson INTERCEPTED
Patriots Wow!!!!
ChestnutTrill | 17:15EDT
Patriots Finally!!! Duggers first interception and it’s a big one!!!
Mikesully131 | 17:15EDT
Eagles Dak picked in the end zone. He he he.
TSPC37730 | 17:16EDT
Eagles Pats taking it to the Cowboys right now.
HakunaMailata | 17:16EDT
It's only 14-7. Not exactly "taking it to them". Especially when you remember the Cowboys are a 2nd half team.
nononono | 17:23EDT
Eagles HATE rooting for Belicheat and the Patriots but here I am.
Philbert Desenex aka Wonder Warthog | 17:16EDT
(10:05) M.Jones sacked at DAL 43 for -8 yards (R.Gregory). FUMBLES , RECOVERED by DAL
Jets RIP Mac Jones.
Ivan_Homeless | 17:22EDT
Jets Damn, Lol. That hurt.
Broadway Jose | 17:22EDT
Patriots That hurt.
Ricky Hot Pants | 17:22EDT
Jets So wait, Gregory didn't get drafted cuz off some college issues if I recall?
Joe Harlem | 17:23EDT
El ka-BONG.
Huge Jets Fan | 17:31EDT
Bills I don't mind the Cowboys losing.
rexachs | 17:23EDT
Patriots Mac just got smoked.
ChestnutTrill | 17:23EDT
Bills I'm surprised Mac Jones got up after that hit. He was crushed.
BuffBillsFan05 | 17:24EDT
Jets Objectively speaking this is a great game.
John B | 17:24EDT
Jets I really enjoyed that Randy Gregory sack. I rewound the TV a few times just so I could watch it again and again.
mcguirkj | 17:26EDT
Jets I don't understand why Dallas ever takes Zeke off the field. The difference between him nd that Pollard guy is night and day.
Ivan_Homeless | 17:26EDT
Patriots Cowboys are hurting themselves with penalties.
DrDunk | 17:29EDT
Patriots Jones has thrown it 5 times. Lol.
Mikesully131 | 17:31EDT
(6:39) G.Zuerlein 30 yard field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 10 - Patriots 14
Patriots Cowboys are dominating and losing.
Mikesully131 | 17:32EDT
Jets This is...not great game management by McCarthy.
John B | 17:34EDT
Patriots I’ll say again. Prescott has thrown it 21 times. Mac Jones has thrown it five times. Feels like Cowboys are winning by 50.
Mikesully131 | 17:34EDT
As the kiddies say, ‘facts over feels.’ The scoreboard doesn’t lie.
AronL | 17:34EDT
Patriots Gonna take more than 14 to wins, Patriots need points now. Dallas gonna start converting some of those red zone trips eventually.
PatrioticChief | 17:35EDT
Eagles I expected the Cowboys to put up more points.
TheNationalBird | 17:38EDT
Patriots SNEAK IT!!!
Makeithappen19 | 17:40EDT
(4:34) NE punt is BLOCKED by L.Gifford, RECOVERED by DAL
Patriots They had a better plan... get it blocked.
Mark Bruloir | 17:40EDT
Makeithappen19 | 17:40EDT
Patriots Jets-like sequence there: Run the route a yard short, blocked punt next play.
Tony121 | 17:41EDT
Patriots They deserved to give up that blocked punt, by being too scared to go for it on 4th and 1. It's not 1975 anymore. | 17:41EDT
WFT We are once again a franchise heading backwards and now Dallas is developing into a complete team on top of it all. This sucks.
A&EdadHTTR | 17:43EDT
(1:30) D.Prescott up the middle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. The Replay Official reviewed the runner broke the plane ruling, and the play was REVERSED.
Patriots Uhhh....that wasn't a TD? He was under the pile laying over the
ChestnutTrill | 17:48EDT
Patriots I'm shocked they gave us that spot.
Tony121 | 17:48EDT
Makeithappen19 | 17:48EDT
Not complaining, but yes.
PatrioticChief | 17:48EDT
That was a TD.
BWLS | 17:48EDT
Bengals Dallas hahaha
rjpro | 17:50EDT
Yes, no review play before, there you go Mr Kraft, payment fulfilled.
ScootinJ | 17:52EDT
Patriots That just might be the goal line stand of the decade.
Felkey | 17:50EDT
Patriots I could see that being reversed.
Michael McDermott | 17:50EDT
Eagles So many yards...only 10 points.
TheNationalBird | 17:51EDT
Patriots Lost control before penetration, hahahahahaha.
zeppage2 | 17:51EDT
Jets It’s hilarious to me that we spent like 6 years arguing if Dak was good and if the Cowboys should pay Dak. Talk about a silly argument in hindsight.
IMissFatRex | 17:52EDT
Jets The Cowboys are so talented that even Mike McCarthy couldn't prevent them from winning.
JetFanOverseas | 17:52EDT
Patriots What a football game!
AronL | 17:53EDT
Patriots Super crazy game.
DrDunk | 17:53EDT
Eagles Boy, Cowboys got jobbed in NE. 3rd-and-goal Prescott gets up to his waist over goal line. No TD called or reviewed.
TheDoctorisrealin | 17:54EDT
Bills Could you imagine year after year being a Detroit Lions fan!
rexachs | 17:54EDT
They went 0-16. Now they want 0-17!
BuffBillsFan05 | 17:54EDT
Eagles I guess the refs thought he was carrying it between his ankles.
TheDoctorisrealin | 17:56EDT
Bills How could they not call that a TD. There's a big pileup, they unpile, and the guy with the ball is in the endzone. What could be the justification for placing the ball 2 feet short if they didn't call him down right away?
Link Lyman | 18:01EDT
Patriots I know it was a different team then, but Pats are 109-3 at home under BB when leading at halftime.......
poindexterregan | 18:04EDT
Patriots 41 plays to 17, yikes. We need to take some clock on the first drive or our defense is going to be gassed.
oldpatsfan23 | 18:05EDT

Third Quarter
Patriots Why Is McDoofus going away from everything that worked early in the game?
MD Pats Fan | 18:09EDT
(13:42) M.Jones sacked at NE 26 for -7 yards (R.Gregory)
Patriots Wynn escorting the Cowboys to Mac Jones.
Tony121 | 18:09EDT
Patriots 1.89 seconds on that third-down sack as Wynn is tossed by Gregory. No chance.
@GregABedard | 18:10EDT
Patriots Seeing ghosts!!
thawhole9 | 18:11EDT
Patriots Stop holding on to the ball Mac.
Syntaxrage | 18:11EDT
Patriots Having flashbacks to when he got hit by that heatseeker and fumbled.
Marcus Banks 11 | 18:11EDT
(12:58) NE Punts
Patriots Once Dallas stopped the penalties Pats offense has nothing.
Challenger2013 | 18:11EDT
Jets Gregory has Jones' number.
Jet fan since Vinny | 18:13EDT
Patriots Wow they stopped them? Holy Toledo!
Mikesully131 | 18:14EDT
(11:32) DAL Punts
Patriots What are they, 0-for-3 on 3rd down? Sheesh
kaisman1 | 18:20EDT
Patriots 0-for-4 on 3rd down now
PatrioticChief | 18:21EDT
(9:24) NE Punts
Patriots That guy Gregory is getting around Herron too . He’s to quick for the Pats tackles.
Mikesully131 | 18:23EDT
Jets Third down definitely was a TD. Still not sure how it wasn't ruled so.
chrebet | 18:24EDT
Patriots The defense is getting tired.
tomrody | 18:26EDT
Patriots Defense is also being outcoached.
rdf63 | 18:26EDT
Patriots It's midnight and the pumpkin and rats are back. No more miracles.
Mark Bruloir | 18:27EDT
Patriots I guess the offense decided one quarter of competence was too much.
Felkey | 18:29EDT
Patriots D is gassed. Cowboys will get 7 here.
DrDunk | 18:30EDT
Patriots Dallas has kept them in the game but they are being dominated in reality.
Challenger2013 | 18:33EDT
49ers NE is out in front because of Cowboys turnovers. Cowboys should pull this out if they stop the turnovers. Mac doesn't generate enough offense at this point.
anotherfan | 18:34EDT
(4:49) D.Prescott pass to C.Lamb for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 17 - Patriots 14
Patriots Looking too easy for Dallas.
rdf63 | 18:34EDT
Patriots Still chance for upset. Just keep it close.
No Tommy Brady me no likey! | 18:38EDT
(2:09) NE Punts
Patriots This sucks. If Cowboys score here. It's over. 80 yards to go, but I think we are bone tired.
DrDunk | 18:41EDT
Patriots Beating us up now.
Mark Bruloir | 18:42EDT
Jets It is interesting that Jones has thrown the ball to only TEs and RBs for the most part, which is also why the drives move but don't finish with points for the most part. A 15-yard flag with only 60 yards to the endzone and a drive off a TO were the only drives to get points.
Jet fan since Vinny | 18:45EDT
Patriots How the heck does Mac only have 11 pass attemps?
tomrody | 18:45EDT

Fourth Quarter
Patriots These Cowboys receivers are WIDE open.
DrDunk | 18:48EDT
Patriots Dallas has 5+ seconds to throw.
Michael McDermott | 18:48EDT
(13:13) G.Zuerlein 45 yard field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 20 - Patriots 14
Seahawks Watch Pats/Cowboys, it's super fun.
djafrot | 18:52EDT
Good call. Had been kinda watching (red zone) but fun game.
That Fuggn Guy | 19:06EDT
Patriots This is a must have drive for Mac.
PatrioticChief | 18:54EDT
Patriots Can they kill 8 mins and score?
Challenger2013 | 19:01EDT
Patriots Keep it on the ground.
ChestnutTrill | 19:01EDT
Patriots Monster third down conversion. Missing that and having to kick a FG. Gotta wonder if the Patriots would have gone for it.
Tony121 | 19:03EDT
Patriots Run game is absolutely rolling.
PatrioticChief | 19:03EDT
(6:23) R.Stevenson for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 20 - Patriots 21
Patriots Touchdown!!!!
DrDunk | 19:04EDT
Bengals My money's on Cowboys losing on missed FG.
ScootinJ | 19:05EDT
Patriots Gave defense a needed rest.
rdf63 | 19:05EDT
Patriots Quite the drive. Lots of time left. Keep the clock running and score again when we get the ball back!
Ricky Hot Pants | 19:05EDT
Patriots Telling you upset!
No Tommy Brady me no likey! | 19:06EDT
Patriots Bill bleeding all over the place from his mouth and nose
Marcus Banks 11 | 19:09EDT
Patriots Defense has nothing left in the tank
Michael McDermott | 19:10EDT
Patriots Goodness Gracious
Makeithappen19 | 19:12EDT
Patriots They are getting first downs every other play
ChestnutTrill | 19:12EDT
Patriots 3rd and 12...hold em!!
DrDunk | 19:13EDT
(2:42) G.Zuerlein 51 yard field goal is NO GOOD.
Patriots MISSED!
Pats062893 | 19:15EDT
Patriots Run this clock out.
ChestnutTrill | 19:15EDT
Patriots I think Josh can still screw this up. Give them ball back with plenty of time.
Challenger2013 | 19:15EDT
WFT Come on Pats beat these fools.
Apeman UK | 19:16EDT
Bills JEEEZ! New England with another gift holding penalty. Unbelievable.
billsfan2000 | 19:16EDT
Bills Pats never fail to get the call when they need it.
Link Lyman | 19:16EDT
Steelers The failed kick by the Cowboys just ended that game.
LookingCoolJoker | 19:17EDT
(2:27) M.Jones INTERCEPTED by T.Diggs. T.Diggs for 42 yards, TOUCHDOWN
Cowboys 26 - Rams 21
Steelers Lmao nevermind, Cowboys get a pick six.
LookingCoolJoker | 19:18EDT
Lee Corso said, "Not so fast my friend."
Pittsblitz56 | 19:18EDT
Saints Frickin Cowboys.
mississippisaintsfan | 19:17EDT
Seahawks Wow
burleson18 | 19:17EDT
Seahawks Diggs is a stud.
burleson18 | 19:17EDT
Seahawks Diggs man. They guy is just unreal.
PLeeM | 19:17EDT
Bills Stefon's bro!!!
Crashmore | 19:17EDT
Patriots OMG
Broncho40 | 19:17EDT
Patriots WOW. We had this game and we decide to throw it to Diggs.
For Pats Sake | 19:17EDT
Jets Well, the great Mike McCarthy, who for years ruined any chance of Aaron Rodgers to win SB's, once again is giving away to NE what should have been a blowout.
JetFanOverseas | 19:18EDT
WFT This is becoming the worst season ever, Pats better not let these guys win this game
BigStef20 | 19:19EDT
Bills Can you DIGG it?
billsfan2000 | 19:19EDT
He could sit the rest of the season and he still would have a chance at DPOY
Hopefulcynic | 19:21EDT
Broncho40 | 19:19EDT
Eagles Trevon Diggs getting an easy pick 6... dude is getting lucky at this point.
phunkenstein7 | 19:20EDT
Eagles It's going to be all more glorious when the Cowboys crash and burn with all this Super Bowl talk being thrown around.
phillyeagleGuy | 19:20EDT
Bengals Diggs absolutely made a deal with the devil, right? Lmao
Stripes18 | 19:20EDT
(2:11) M.Jones pass to K.Bourne for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 26 - Patriots 29
Bengals He just paid
ScootinJ | 19:23EDT
Tony121 | 19:21EDT
Patriots LFGGGG
Broncho40 | 19:21EDT
Patriots Scored too quick !!!!!
Challenger2013 | 19:21EDT
Seahawks Deion said that guy can wait more time to meet me.
burleson18 | 19:22EDT
LookingCoolJoker | 19:22EDT
Steelers Holy crap what did I just watch in the last 30 seconds.
Pittsblitz56 | 19:22EDT
Patriots That safety just boinked it.
JanneyWheels | 19:22EDT
Patriots No freaking clue what the safety did on that play but screw it lol.
PatrioticChief | 19:23EDT
Jets Ok Diggs got beat, but the safety is the reason that was a TD.
John B | 19:23EDT
Patriots That was hilarious.
JanneyWheels | 19:23EDT
Patriots The game belongs to our D now. Oh boy!
Ricky Hot Pants | 19:23EDT
49ers And to think the Patriots didn’t have to give up 2 future 1sts for their QB.
808Niner | 19:24EDT
Steelers I hate the Pats and Cowboys, but damn this has been an entertaining game.
skyfire322 | 19:24EDT
LFC1956 | 19:24EDT
Patriots I'd love to see the ESPN win probability model after the past five minutes.
Tony121 | 19:24EDT
Probably looks like my EKG.
Michael McDermott | 19:24EDT
Bengals We still have a chance to see 3 more TDs in this game at this rate.
Stripes18 | 19:25EDT
Patriots Hold them to a field goal, maybe he'll miss again.
tomrody | 19:25EDT
WFT Damn….this is what it feels like to root for a football team with talent and heart.
Teflong Dong1 | 19:26EDT
Saints Alright Patriots...2 stops and it's yours.
ZipCode70816 | 19:26EDT
Seahawks I hate both these teams but this has been an entertaining game.
n0g | 19:26EDT
Patriots 4th and 4. Blitz!!
DrDunk | 19:29EDT
(1:28) 4th-and-4: D.Prescott pass short left to C.Wilson to DAL 48 for 13 yards
Patriots WOW
Broncho40 | 19:29EDT
Patriots DAMN IT
Pats062893 | 19:29EDT
Patriots FFS
Bailey2019 | 19:29EDT
Patriots Great throw and catch.
JanneyWheels | 19:29EDT
Patriots Dallas is having a career day flag wise......
ChestnutTrill | 19:31EDT
(:31) 3rd-and-25: D.Prescott pass deep middle to C.Lamb to NE 31 for 24 yards
Bills This game has been such a clown fiesta and I love it.
Hopefulcynic | 19:34EDT
Patriots You rush 3 and they are wide open.
tomrody | 19:34EDT
Jets Still think we should’ve drafted CeeDee Lamb.
Strong_Island_Jets_NY | 19:34EDT
Patriots Crushing to give up that 24 yards to set up the FG, had the game won if they don't give up 20+ yards.
PatrioticChief | 19:35EDT
(0:20 - 4th) G.Zuerlein 49 yard field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 29 - Patriots 29
Patriots If Dallas wins the toss? That’s not good, I’m telling ya.
Mikesully131 | 19:36EDT

Patriots Can’t see them winning in OT, had their chance.
Challenger2013 | 19:37EDT
Patriots Unreal.
Pats062893 | 19:37EDT
Broncho40 | 19:37EDT
49ers Dak has been impressive but McCarthy is awful. Still can’t believe he didn’t run the clock out for that FG try.
Gazza66 | 19:38EDT
Sucks when the HC is the weak link!
EverybodyRelax | 19:38EDT
NE wins toss, elects to receive
Patriots YES!!!!
Makeithappen19 | 19:38EDT
Patriots Winning the toss is actually unlucky here.
tomrody | 19:39EDT
Patriots Patriots defense is gassed, on the dropped 1st-and-10 before Dallas got into FG range Judon's effort on the rush was absolutely pathetic. Not knocking him, just pointing out he's our best guy and dude is gassed.
PatrioticChief | 19:40EDT
Dallas OL is good. That's a problem. Need to score on the OT drive.
JCRpatsfan | 19:40EDT
Patriots Agholor pretending he's an Eagle again.
Tony121 | 19:41EDT
Patriots BiG 3rd down.
Broncho40 | 19:43EDT
Patriots Massive no call but Patriots got plenty of calls tonight so can't bitch too much.
PatrioticChief | 19:44EDT
(7:53) NE Punts
Eagles This is over.. Cowboys gonna win.
Eaglesfan_from Jerseythou | 19:45EDT
Patriots There went our chance to win.
Mark Bruloir | 19:45EDT
Patriots I'm really surprised they punted instead of going for it.
PatrioticChief | 19:46EDT
Is this your first Belichick game?
tomrody | 19:46EDT
Conservative all the way through for Bill.
Mikesully131 | 19:46EDT
Patriots All Dak has to do is scramble and let his receivers beat our defenders.
Mark Bruloir | 19:46EDT
Seahawks Shoulda known Pats/Boys would be a fun game with Romo on the call.
That Fuggn Guy | 19:47EDT
Patriots Can't stop Dak.
tomrody | 19:48EDT
Saints Why do teams punt in OT?
Aaron90 | 19:50EDT
USMCSAINT1024 | 19:50EDT
Hope their defense can stop the other team
ZipCode70816 | 19:50EDT
Which is dumb
Aaron90 | 19:50EDT
Saints Yeah Dak is going to will them down the field.
USMCSAINT1024 | 19:50EDT
(3:52) D.Prescott pass to C.Lamb for 35 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 35 - Patriots 29
Jets Like I said. I really wish we drafted CeeDee Lamb.
Strong_Island_Jets_NY | 19:50EDT
Bills Glad New England lost....hate that the Cowboys won.
BfloFan4Life | 19:50EDT
Patriots Heart breaker.
Kittonwy | 19:50EDT
Eagles Sucks to see the Cowboys be so good this season.
insaneeaglesfanatic | 19:51EDT
Eagles Jalen Mills burned for a TD, ouch.
HakunaMailata | 19:51EDT
Eagles Well crap. Now we will get another week of the media talking about how great the Cowboys are…
nononono | 19:52EDT
Giants Crazy win by Cowboys. They are good. Hope they go 16-1 to let Mara know we are not “this close.”
scarlet knight | 19:52EDT
49ers Even McCarthy, who is an awful coach, knows how to properly use his offensive players, Lamb has been a star in the Cowboys offense.
rennan93 | 19:54EDT
Patriots They had 82 plays to our 50, 200 plus more yards. Game was only close because Cowboys shooting themselves in the foot.
oldpatsfan23 | 19:56EDT
Patriots The Pats are lucky it was as close as it was. Cowboys did everything to lose this one. Tons of penalties, missed FG, goal-line failure, poor decisions all over the place.
Bobo Bill | 20:04EDT
Patriots Did any Patriot's players actually touch Dak Prescott?
Todger | 20:05EDT
Patriots Why the doom and gloom? At least we didnt make the fatal mistake of giving the best player in NFL history what he wanted to stay in town :)
7isbetterthan1 | 20:23EDT
Patriots The worst part is our bye week is December 12th. We'll be 4-9 at that point, so the Pats can use the bye week to go Christmas shopping, because the season will be long gone.
Mex_17 | 20:30EDT
Eagles Kellen Moore is a star in the making. He has that offense humming. Hes running the ball, running bootlegs, play-action passes, pre-snap motion. If any one watched that game and compares it to our offense, the difference is night and day.
Joey0210 | 20:36EDT
Patriots BB didn't want to pay Brady, and didn't want to pay Gilmore, but he did want to pay Jonnu Smith. Who the heck is Jonnu Smith? He's in the witness protection program. Even his family hasn't seen him.
Mex_17 | 20:40EDT
Patriots The 567 yards of offense allowed today by the Patriots are the most allowed during the Belichick Era in a game, regular or post-season. Of course, this game went into overtime. Dallas only had 487 yards at the end of regulation.
@cgasper | 20:41EDT

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