Biadasz, Charles Haley and "Now" Decisions at 5-1

See the board article if you have not, about Tyler Biadasz. Those observations are my premise.

Usually you stash a run blocker at G and at least get the snap and line call responsibilities off him, then you can isolate how much of a liability his pass protection is with no other intervening factors. Biadasz has enough problems at C that it's doubtful he stays in the league if that's where he has to play.

When Connor Williams was drafted he was a good college OL but way undersized for an NFL OG. It's better now with weight training, but you'd still rather put a bigger player there. Remembering the Stepnoski model (smallish but a master technician), I was hopeful since Williams was drafted that the Cowboys would try him at C. That experiment may not yet be done but it's probably not something you do in an off week, given that he didn't exactly own the job in camp. We might see another attempt to get him reps at C next training camp.

Keep in mind that at 5-1 the Cowboys are now - categorically - a "now" team. They were in that spot in 1992 and made the trade for Haley, and went on to win Super Bowl 27. Think of this situation that way. A solid argument can be made for a good value trade right now, for a proven C. Wherein you don't lose a playoff game on a bad snap...

Is Gallup about to come back? Lamb is running routes both at slot and outside now. Defenses can't cover him. You want to deal Gallup for the right C?

Come on Jerry. See about it.


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