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Crunching Cowboys stats: 6 games in, and records are already falling

Stats for the Cowboys in 2021 are reaching remarkable levels.

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots
I’ll take that record, and that one, and...
Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

It was a thrilling, if somewhat maddening, win for the Dallas Cowboys. They defeated the New England Patriots for the first time since 1996, and in the Pats’ home building. But despite repeated chances to put the game away, they had to go to overtime and get some clutch performances to pull this one out. The numbers and statistics are a bit wacky, to be honest. But it was also a game in which some major milestones were met and some long-standing records fell. In addition to that first win against the Patriots in 25 years, here are some of the things for the record books.

Dak Prescott vs Bill Belichick

The long time head coach of New England is known for his ability to baffle and confuse opposing quarterbacks. Against Prescott, not so much.

Belichick is a future Hall of Fame inductee. This is one skin on the wall that Prescott should be proud of.

Dak vs the league

How a quarterback performs late with the game on the line is pretty much the definition of clutch. In case you haven’t noticed, Prescott is not just in some rarefied company - he is the cream of the crop.

That is just staggering. And the next little nugget is part of that.

Dak vs overtime

This seems almost impossible. But not for QB1.

OT is by definition a pressure situation. Under that pressure, Prescott makes cucumbers look all hot and bothered.

Dak vs legends

I realize different eras are involved here. Still, this is eye-catching.

Marino was a player ahead of his time. It still is remarkable that Prescott has reached this point so fast with some of the other big-time quarterbacks lately. And to equal the sum of all quarterbacks in the history of the franchise opens a somewhat touchy subject: Where does Dak rank among his Cowboys QB brethren?

Don’t forget, he still has eleven games to possibly add to things, and someone is going to get passed soon.

Even the stats nerds are gushing.

Enough about the quarterback, let’s talk about that man doing it again

According to conventional wisdom, you cannot just generate interceptions at will. Trevon Diggs seems to have missed that memo.

Diggs vs Diggs

Oh, the bragging rights. (Note: This was before the results from Monday Night Football where Stefon’s Buffalo Bills are playing and where he got a TD in the first half, as of the time this was written. But it’s too good to leave out.)

Diggs in Cowboys history

Team record books getting quite the workout, and so are the league’s.

Look, when you are mentioned in the same breath as Tom Landry in any capacity, you are on the verge of becoming a true Cowboys legend. It did not go unnoticed at a high level.

Diggs vs the league

This is really ridiculous. Dallas leads the league in interceptions, again pending the results of MNF. But Diggs alone would have them in the top ranks.

That’s even if you include fumbles taken away.

Diggs vs NFCE wide receivers

Now we are just rubbing it in, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Don’t forget that Diggs is getting some help, and there is so much season still ahead.

It’s not just the Prescott and Diggs show

With all the laurels being thrown their way, here is another standout performance to note.

And while CeeDee Lamb has now entered the conversation, here is an oldie but goodie to throw some shade on the rest of the NFL.

And some “minor” things to note

Don’t forget, it will not be long before Randy Gregory will have DeMarcus Lawrence on the field with him.

Meanwhile, there was even some good news about a player that has been the source of a bit of angst among the fans, Tyler Biadasz.

I asked if his snapping was also improved, and the initial reactions were that he even had a pretty good game in that aspect. Maybe we need to slow our roll on trying to get him replaced. In terms of games played, Biadasz is still getting his first full year as a starter under his belt.

If you thought we were forgetting about the run game...

Belichick set out to stop the run game, and while it was not the hammer it had been the previous few weeks, they still gained 120 yards, which led to this.

Just to show a little balance

There were some negatives - although the eventual outcome certainly mitigated things.

Mr. Belt certainly works hard at finding these details.

It was a remarkable game, in what could well be a remarkable season for the Cowboys. You may have noticed the mid-nineties were referenced a couple of times here. Remember what happened then?

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