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Ranking all 7 of Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs’ interceptions so far this season

Trevon Diggs has so many interceptions, they need a ranking system.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

For the first week this NFL season there will not be an interception made by Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs. This is only a certainty because the Cowboys are on a bye meaning that Diggs won’t have an opportunity to pick off an opposing quarterback. At week’s end he will still have as many interceptions as there have been weeks in the season by virtue of having had two against the Carolina Panthers.

Diggs has become of one of the biggest stories in the NFL this season, he is also a huge reason why Cowboys fans have continued to feel more and more confident through the season’s first six games, as shown by our SB Nation Reacts vote above. Many are wondering just how long his run of interceptions, averaging over one a game is in fact insane, is going to continue.

In the spirit of enjoying this while it is still going on we decided to rank all seven of his interceptions so far this season. We will go from most impressive to least impressive. Keep in mind we love them all.

Trevon Diggs gets Sam Darnold for a second time

Choosing the best one of Diggs’ interceptions is like choosing a favorite among favorites, but this is the most impressive one of the season in this ranking.

Some of Diggs’ picks (we’ll get there) have been partly the result of a quarterback making a horrendous throw. This particular one was amazing not only in that it happened right after Diggs had just had an interception, but the athleticism involved was insane.

Diggs attacks the ball here and uses his hand skills to secure the catch. There is not a prettier play that a defensive back can make unless he takes it back to the house (and there are some of those in this sample).

Diggs dives to pick off Justin Herbert

Breaking on the ball should always be celebrated which is exactly how Diggs got Justin Herbert during the Cowboys’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The broadcast — which included Tony Romo — particularly celebrated how Diggs dove to secure the catch here. Again, we are talking about an incredible athlete.

This is arguably the best combination of pure interception and elite quarterback on the season. What a huge moment.

Diggs wills the Cowboys back to life in New England

There is a tipped ball involved here which naturally takes away some of the shine, but the moment that it happened in was gigantic and therefore something that merits consideration.

What’s more is that Diggs’ pick-six (another indication of his athleticism as he immediately broke for the endzone) was the latest example of how ridiculous this whole thing is. It actually felt like he willed this into existence.

New England Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones did an admirable job of avoiding Diggs all day, but sometimes things are inevitable. That’s what Diggs is at this point — inevitable.

The first pick-six of the year

Amazingly this was four interceptions ago for Diggs, but it was a defensive touchdown against a division rival in a game that took place on primetime which made it all the more impressive. Interestingly both of Diggs’ touchdowns have come against quarterbacks who are Alabama alum like he is.

Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver DeVonta Smith (who also played for the Crimson Tide) had absolutely no shot here. This ball always belonged to Diggs.

It has been a very long time since we have seen a Cowboys cornerback with the combination of speed and athleticism able to consistently make these plays.

Sam Darnold doesn’t see Diggs

At the time of this interception a lot of people were wondering whether or not Sam Darnold was re-finding himself as an NFL player with the then-undefeated Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately for him, he made the mistake of overlooking where Trevon Diggs was and, well, what always happens happened.

This is one of the worst throws/decisions that a quarterback can make. Thankfully Diggs benefitted.

In a weird way this interception was buried rather quickly as Diggs came back and picked Darnold off on the very next possession, an interception that we already discussed. Trevon can and will make interceptions any sort of way.

Mike Glennon throws up a prayer that Diggs takes advantage of

When the Cowboys began play against the New York Giants many wondered if Daniel Jones - a turnover-prone quarterback - would do what he could to avoid Trevon Diggs. Unfortunately Jones was hurt at the end of the first half which left reserve Mike Glennon to try and win the game for New York in the second.

Glennon has been a backup quarterback for most of his career and was just doing what he could to try and give the Giants a prayer of a chance. He heaved one up and the wide receiver in Diggs went up to secure the catch and his sixth pick of the season.

This might be the best tracking of a ball that Diggs has had on the season, but as far as the quality of the interception is concerned (we’re being picky here, ALL of the interceptions are awesome) it is lower on the list than most.

The season gets started on the right foot for Diggs

If we are forced to have a least-favorite interception of Trevon Diggs then it is clearly the pass that his hands were not the first to touch. Diggs’ first pick of the season feels so long ago and he partly owes it to Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette who let a ball bounce off of his hands.

To be clear here nobody is knocking Diggs picking off Tom Brady, but we would be lying if we said this one didn’t have a little bit of help involved.

The tweet here summarizes the point well in that Diggs was at the right spot on the field at the right moment where the ball was available to him. He still did a great job to secure the catch and give his team promising field position, and at the end of the day it counts just the same as all of the rest.

Except for the touchdowns. Those have a special hint of fun attached to them.

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