An honest question/my fears about post season

I look at the Cowboys remaining schedule, looking back to where Dallas began, I had Dallas losing to the Vikings, Patriots, Cardinals, Tampa Bay, and Chiefs.

What has Dallas done? Lost by 1 score to the Buccs. (thank you missed field goals and PAT), although in fairness, Antonio Brown, who hasn't he got loose against? BEAT the Patriots albeit in a sloppy win, in all honestly, this a game Dallas had no business winning, way to many penalties, granted some were bogus, good teams can find away to overcome bogus penalties and turnovers (thank you refs he was in 3rd and goal, and what happened next play, a fumble).

So now what?

The chiefs are somewhat in shambles....Patrick Mahomes is turning the ball over, making flat out stupid decisions like instead of taking a sack against the WFT he throws the ball up in the air when he was going down, lucky it wasn't a pick 6, and if we are honest, if the eagles had a better QB, the eagles would have won, I call that a narrow victory, I know a 2 score win is good but watching the game, the game didn't really look as lopsided as the 42-30 score seemed against the eagles. Do we call that lucky? Can the Cowboys actually upset the Chiefs since the eagles nearly did?

Are the Cardinals the biggest overall threat to the Cowboys? This is my main question. I really don't know what to think of them, the record shows 6-0. A small break down of Arizona's run defense, they allowed 58 rush yards on 17 carries against Derrick Henry September 12th. September 19th, they allow 131 rush yards on 22 carries against Dalvin Cook and the Cardinals squeaked out with a 34-33 win. September 26th....88 yards 15 carries against James Robinson (Jags), October 3rd, 89 yards on 14 carries Derrell Henderson and the Rams. Does anyone notice a pattern here? I get that Arizona is a good team, but are they nearly as daunting as they look?

A video yesterday showed at the earliest Dallas can clinch the division as early as week 14th against guess who? The WFT. The NFC east (other then Dallas) are in shambles....Dallas has 1 maybe 2 games left that they could lose.

What are my biggest fears? What does 2014 and 2016 have in common? In the divisional round, they could not find a way to rush the passer or take they ball away. In 2014, Dallas led the league in takeaways in December, how did that work out in the post season? Not so well. Will the return of Gallimore/Tank/Kelvin Joseph/Dorance provide a spark where the run defense will be improved? Can the defense find a way to continue taking the ball away in the post season? Will the offense continue it's way and impose it's will on people? I know Gallup is still not playing yet, but I feel bad for the defenses that will now have to face the offense with a new Gallup...giddy up!! I really don't like to blame refs, but the absolute biggest question I have/biggest fear I have, how much of an impact will the refs be? They gonna call a bogus illegal man downfield? Will they see a phantom hold when Dak was hit in the head and not call roughing? Will they deny Dak TD's when it's clear/obvious he's in. Can Dak cut down on the fumbles?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.