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Update on the status of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s calf injury for Vikings game

The Cowboys QB will be under watchful eyes this week.

Los Angeles Kings v Dallas Stars Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have been hopeful this past week that quarterback Dak Prescott will be able to play in Week 8 versus the Minnesota Vikings. Prescott hurt his calf on the last play of their win over the New England Patriots and everyone, including Prescott, has been putting a positive spin on his injury even after an MRI revealed a mild calf strain. The bye week certainly was fortunately timed with regards to Prescott’s calf.

On Friday, Jerry Jones, who is not a real doctor but did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express and has watched a lot of medical shows on Hulu, gave Prescott the coveted “thumbs up” diagnosis. Today we got a little more detail on what is going on. The team remains optimistic, but they are going to keep a watchful eye on their star quarterback.

Sources say Prescott is not expected to participate in a light practice Monday when the team returns from its bye. The soonest he would practice is Wednesday, and the team will monitor him closely to make sure he’s moving like himself and not putting himself at risk of a relatively minor issue turning into something more.

Much like training camp with the lat strain, Prescott will be brought along at a deliberate pace. We might not see Prescott practice much, if at all, this week but still play on Sunday night. As for what he did during the bye week?

Prescott spent most of the bye week in town and rehabbing at the team’s facility. Under the watchful eyes of director of rehabilitation Britt Brown and head athletic trainer Jim Maurer, Prescott has mostly worked out in the pool. He’s been able to do all of his footwork drills and running while in the pool, rarely on solid ground. That’s all to make sure he doesn’t aggravate the calf injury.

Much of the optimism about the injury is coming from the player. Prescott doesn’t seem like a player who is concerned about not playing against the Vikings.

He’s been all smiles in the building — another reason the Cowboys are optimistic he’ll be ready to roll. Even on Saturday, Prescott was doing his rehab work, slightly ahead of where the Cowboys thought he would be.

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