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2021 NFL Week 8 Dallas Cowboys Fan Rooting Guide: Primetime will feature some NFC East action

Looking for help for the Cowboys from wherever we can.

NFL: OCT 17 Cowboys at Patriots Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are back in action this week which is certainly exciting. Up next for them is a Sunday night game against the Minnesota Vikings and we are all continuing to monitor the situation with Dak Prescott.

With Dallas not playing until the end of the day on Sunday, odds are high that you will spend some time watching other teams throughout the NFL play. This week kicked off with a Thursday night game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers that saw the former take on their first loss of the season.

Many Cowboys fans preferred a Packers win over the Cardinals as they believe it works best for America’s Team with regards to the playoff race and seeding situation in the NFC. As to how correct that is remains to be seen when the regular season is over, but if you were rooting for Green Bay then you got your wish.

What else should you be rooting for this week? We’ve got you covered.

Generally speaking we still want to see all NFC East teams lose

There is a sector of Cowboys fans who are so confident that Dallas is going to win the NFC East that their interests in the division are now with regards to worsening the draft picks for the competition. At different points lately it has made some sense to root for NFC East teams (like Washington over Green Bay last week relative to seed positioning again), but this week doesn’t have any matchups that will really impact Dallas.

Another take on this subject is draft position. Obviously every loss by each NFC East team betters their draft stock next year and we obviously want it to be as poor as possible. Nevertheless it makes the most sense this week to root against the Cowboys’ rivals.

The final of these three games will be played on Monday night so we will all be able to gather in unison and watch it. Under normal circumstances, one could see the Chiefs having their way with the Giants, but Kansas City is in some serious turmoil to the point that their own players are referring to the team’s fanbase as one of the most toxic ones in sports.

Something to watch here by the way is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Detroit Lions are still winless, but they have shown far more fight than Philadelphia this season. This could be when the 313 finally breaks through.

There are five other games that we will also be keeping our eyes on

We have mentioned before but will do so throughout the season just in case, there is going to be a ton of draft stock belonging to Cowboys rivals in 2022.

Philadelphia already holds the first-round pick that belongs to the Miami Dolphins and will likely also own the one belonging to the Indianapolis Colts (beyond their own obviously). The New York Giants have the Chicago Bears’ first-round pick so that is five total first-rounders that look to be rather high next year.

We are rooting for those picks to be as high as possible which means we are rooting for those teams, but we are also looking for other contending teams in the NFC to pick up some losses to better the Cowboys’ odds of the top seed and first-round bye or higher playoff positioning in general.

We are rooting for all home teams here save for Buffalo, and to be honest it is difficult to see any of them pulling off a win. Chicago might have the best shot? New Orleans did beat Tampa Bay at the Superdome last year, but that was a very different Buccaneers team.

Here’s hoping that everything works out for the Cowboys.

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