Review of Cowboys 2021 draft (after 4 games)

No unrealistic scenarios considered. Only players who were under consideration, based on the rumors we were hearing and the positions of need for Dallas. Grades are based on results relative to where the player is drafted.

1. Parsons. Hard to argue with this pick now as Parsons is one of the best rookies in the class so far. The other two considerations would have been Slater and Newsome. Slater would have been nice, but would the offense really be much better than it currently is right now? Newsome would have replaced Brown as starting opposite Diggs and that would be a top 5 set of DBs presently and maybe the best within a year. Still, have to give the Cowboys an A for this pick, especially since they took some draft capital from Philly and still got Parsons.

2. Joseph. Maybe someday he will be a DB stud, but right now, all I can see is Asante Samuel Jr playing in Brown's place. That would have been the optimal 2nd round pick, I think. Right now this pick's grade is an INC, as Joseph hasn't suited up, but it could also be seen as an F given how good Samuel (a considered option) has been for LAC.

3a. Odighizuwa. This is an A+, given the production from the number 75 pick overall. If Gallimore comes back and is what we were led to think he is, this tandem is outstanding at the 3T, even manning both DTs in passing downs.

3b. Golston. The grade is a little incomplete, given that he has only played in 2/4 games, but the production so far has been reasonable. Getting some rotational production from pick number 84 early in his rookie year has to be seen as at least a B- grade.

3c. Wright. Lots of hype during camp, but not good enough to unseat a mediocre vet (Brown). I think Wright is a very intriguing longer term project, but so far I can't see this pick getting more than a C- grade. Number 99 should be a player who is at least rotational at this point to be considered a good pick. Maybe that grade will go up by the end of the season, but more likely it will not be until next year that we see any significant contribution.

4a. Cox. I think a great value developmental player. The athleticism and competitiveness should translate before the end of the year into a rotational LB, especially in coverage situations. Replacement for #9 by next season? Should pair with Parsons for years to come. Grade is a B so far (given that this is a 4th round pick at a position where the Cowboys have lots of talent), with the potential to be an A by next year.

4b. Ball. I have no idea how to grade this pick as we haven't seen enough of him to make any sort of evaluation. This is one of those picks that we can wait and grade next year. INC

5. Fehoko. I am not optimistic about his future. I know there is athleticism there, but he has a lot of talent in front of him at the WR position in Dallas. He isn't going to get a chance to make an impact his year and to do so next year would require a huge leap. However, relative to other WR taken at this point or later, this is the norm, not a disappointment. Dallas drafted potential. not a player needed to contribute. Draft grade has to consider that this is pick 179, so we can go with INC/B. INC because he is developmental. B because at least they drafted someone with solid traits that could develop.

6a. Bohanna. For a 6th round pick, the fact that he is active for all 4 games is a very positive sign, though this is a lot easier at 1T than at say WR. There is obvious upside, and the potential to realistically see some regular contributions throughout his rookie season. That is great from pick number 192. Grade A.

6b. Mukuamu. He has only appeared in 1/4 games so far, but it seems that he has some significant upside, though his development is tempered by having to learn a new position (moving from CB to S) in the NFL. The Cowboys are loaded with depth at S, but Izzy is likely on this roster to stay for a while. Grade B

7. Farniok. Dude has suited up for 4/4 so far, which is impressive in and of itself, but hasn't played an OL snap. (He has played about 20% of ST snaps.) Dallas will be in deep doo-doo if they actually have to use him in a meaningful situation. However, I think he may end up being a long-term steal if he puts the work in to develop. Could end up being a swing guard behind McGovern in 2022 if the Cowboys let CWill walk. Grade: so far B- (he made the 53 man roster as a 7th round pick.)


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