Jaylon and LVE were really bad against the Panthers (with pictures)

Jaylon Smith and LVE versus the Panthers. Both were bad.

Panthers 2nd Drive

1st and 10

Jaylon Red

LVE Yellow

LVE is engaged with OL who is on him quick off the line. Immediately neutralized. Jaylon is untouched. OL 72 has not gotten to him yet. QB has handed off. RB rushes to hole on the right side. Brown 30 is trying to fill that hole. Jaylon has yet to move toward the hole. He seems to be waiting on OL 72 to engage. Is he still processing?

AB Green

Jaylon has still not moved and is now completely blocked by OL 72. AB 30 is filling the gap outside of Urban 95.

AB 30 fills outside gap. RB cuts inside Urban 95 where Jaylon should have been but is now completely blocked by OL 72.

Jaylon has been pushed behind the runner now. Remember at the start of this play, he was untouched. LVE has disengaged from his block. AB 30 did his job but both LBs are nowhere to be found. First down Panthers.

Same drive

2nd and 10

Jaylon Red

LVE Yellow

AB Green

RB runs to the right. Jaylon is untouched. He begins to fill the gap. He needs to beat the oncoming FB 45 to the gap. FB 45 is at the 36 yard line. Jaylon is at the 44 yard line. AB 30 recognizes run and is going to contain outside. LVE is about to get blocked.

LVE has avoided the first block OL 65. But is about to engage another OL 67. Jaylon is now at the 42 yard line. FB 45 is now at the 41. Jaylon has moved two yards up field meanwhile FB 45 has made it 5 yards up field. Jaylon and LVE are occupying the same space as Jaylon was hesitant to take on FB 45 in the gap. AB 30 has forced the RB to cutback.

Jayron Kearse Blue

FB 45 has "blocked" Jaylon back to the 45 yard line. Jaylon just backpedaled himself to avoid the block and has taken himself out of the play. LVE is bracketed by OL 67 and OL 65. Kearse has come up to support. LBs again are not in any position to make a tackle.

Jaylon is now on the other side of midfield and did not touch the RB at any time. Just gave ground. LVE trailing. Hooker makes the tackle. 1st down Panthers.

Same drive

1st and goal.

This play illustrates the difference between Jaylon and LVE versus Parsons.

Jaylon Out.

Parsons Red

LVE Yellow

Parsons has recognized the handoff, beats OL 75 handily and is now in the gap at the LOS. LVE completely blocked by OL 72. Can't even see him.

Parsons hits RB behind LOS. LVE still blocked.

Jaylon Out

Parsons Red

LVE Yellow

Golston Green

3rd and goal

QB option

Malik Hooker Blue

Golston 59 gets penetration beats OL. QB has to decide to pitch or cut up field. LVE has gone outside of Golston allowing the OL who Golston beat to seal him off. But Hooker 28 has already come up to take the outside if there is a pitch to the RB. This leaves the cutback lane for the QB.

When viewing live, I thought Golston 59 lost contain, but it looks like it's LVE who has missed his assignment.

QB in for the TD untouched. Golston 59 shows his frustration expecting LVE to fill the gap inside of him. Hooker was in position for the pitch to the RB. But LVE goes to the outside. This is a common occurrence with Jaylon and LVE. To avoid blocks, they instinctually rush outside. They rarely fill gaps.

Maybe poor safety play in the past has conditioned them to do this, but in DQ's system, the safeties and even AB are supporting the run. Jaylon and LVE have to play their gaps and they are not.

2nd Quarter

2nd and 10

Parsons Red

Jaylon Yellow

Just look at the difference between Parsons versus Jaylon. Parsons is breaking to the LOS recognizing run and Jaylon is STILL in his defensive stance.

Again look at where Parsons is versus Jaylon. Parsons is now at the LOS filling the inside gap. RB is headed outside Parsons filled that gap. Jaylon has barely moved and is now waiting for OL to engage. The play is obviously a run to the left. Jaylon should be sprinting to the sideline. OL should have no realistic shot to block him.

AB Green

AB 30 sees the run to the outside and supports. Jaylon bends at his waist and begins engaging with OL for no reason.

Parsons filled the inside gap forcing the RB outside and is now blocked. Jaylon should have read and reacted and gotten to the outside ASAP. Instead it is now left to Golston 59 and AB 30 to stop the run. Jaylon is finally getting to the sideline after engaging with the OL unnecessarily.

Instead of continuing down the line to meet the RB near the sideline, Jaylon decides to "head the RB off at the pass". AB 30 and Golston are left to make the play.

Golston 59, AB 30 and now Hooker 28 are there for the tackle. Jaylon begins to jog.

Jaylon doesn't attempt to get involved in the tackle.

Play continues to the sideline and Jaylon has retreated 2 more yards away from the action.

1st and 10

Play before the one above

Parsons Yellow

Jaylon Red

Kearse Green

Kearse shows run blitz.

Parsons has moved to his right. Jaylon has taken a false jump step. Kearse attacks the LOS.

OL blocks Parsons. Jaylon untouched. Gregory 94 has blown up OL. Kearse is on RG 94's outside. Sees RB. Because Jaylon is untouched, he should be filling the gap on RG 94's inside. Instead, he has just shuffled over to his right like he is expecting to get blocked.

Parsons is disengaging his block. Jaylon is untouched and has not shot his gap yet. Kearse breaks down to make a tackle.

Kearse makes the play behind the LOS. RG 94 has also blown past the OL and is there right with Kearse. Jaylon has gone to the outside. Never filled his gap. Was never blocked on this play. Never filled his gap. And doesn't get in on this play at all.

These were just a few plays from the first quarter and part of the second.

This albeit rudimentary breakdown of Jaylon and LVE made me rethink PFF entirely. There is no way that Jaylon performed remotely well enough in the run game to warrant his grade in this game. It is obvious now to me that he doesn't miss many tackles because he doesn't actually attempt to tackle. How that can not be a negative grade every single time is absurd.

Jaylon's coverage grade might be high because he stands in his spot or back pedals waiting for crossing routes in zone coverage. This is a product of Marinelli and Richard. They played everything back to front. So Jaylon is usually in decent to good coverage position. But if the play is a run, he does not get out of coverage fast enough and takes too many false steps and jumps. This is the difference between 2018 Jaylon and 2019-2021 Jaylon. 2018 Jaylon could run from side to side and fill gaps quickly after playing coverage first.

LVE was graded badly in this game. And he should be. He was bad in run defense and is slower than Jaylon in coverage. So there was nothing redeeming about his play.

Anthony Brown surprised me. He had a really good 1st half. A PBU and a hard tackle for a short gain on slants. He also was really good in run support and was making tackles that should have been LVE's and Jaylon's.

Stopped here because I did this on my phone on the train ride to work. Have to get off at my stop now.

TL;DR - Jaylon's performance against the Panthers may have been the proverbial nail in the coffin for him. LVE being on his rookie deal is probably keeping him on this team. PFF overinflated Jaylon's grade last game. I can not justify a grade of near 70 considering he was abjectly horrible during his 1st half stint in run defense and he played limited snaps if not benched in the 2nd half (can't remember).

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