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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys at Vikings: ‘Cooper Rush looks like a seasoned pro’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys and their backup QB score a win in Minneapolis.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The Cowboys had to play the Vikings on Sunday night without standout quarterback Dak Prescott who was ruled out just before game time. Cooper Rush, his backup, was given his first career start and managed to keep the Cowboys winning streak alive which has ballooned to six games. The Cooper to Cooper connection was the key (Cooper Rush to Amari Cooper) as they combined for the game-winning touchdown.

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were thinking while they were watching Cooper Rush have a career game against the Vikings - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Vikings Time to stack the box tonight. Make that inexperienced backup QB beat you.
woggerone |19:24 EDT
Vikings What’s a Cooper rush?
CoastieVike86 |19:32 EDT
Vikings Dak doesn't play defense. Let's see what Cousins and company can do against a pretty stout Dallas defense.
woggerone |19:36 EDT
Vikings The Vikes have a history of making backup QBs look like all-pros. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen tonight.
indypendant |19:45 EDT
Vikings No excuses. This game is being gifted on a silver platter to the Vikings. Get a couple touchdowns, coast to victory.
ratpatrol01 |20:09 EDT
Yeah, no. Coasting is how we lose. Pedal down 60 minutes. But we all know Zim will get up 7 and start the prevent victory formation.
Ragnar |20:18 EDT
Eagles Counting on Coupons to come though in primetime is a low percentage proposition.
Revenge of Weapon X |20:09 EDT
Steelers Fairly confident in a Vikings win tonight, but this has been a bizarre day of surprises. Cooper Rush might suddenly light it up against an unprepared Vikings defense.
LookingCoolJoker |20:11 EDT
Vikings Why am I worried about a QB that has thrown 3 NFL passes?
Chris Decker |20:25 EDT
Vikings I have a feeling we are going to blow them out tonight.
grimmace420 |20:27 EDT
(11:55) K.Cousins pass to A.Thielen for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 0 - Vikings 7
Vikings TD THIELEN!!!!!!!!!!
modernvikings |20:29 EDT
Vikings First blood!
norsfan |20:29 EDT
Vikings Nice opening drive! Now, let the D pin their ears back and make this rookie run scared!
Improvor |20:32 EDT
Vikings Stack the box, make Cooper beat you.
Chris Decker |20:34 EDT
Vikings So far we sure don't look like the 5th rated D in the league.
modernvikings |20:36 EDT
Vikings Almost sounds like there are more Cowboy fans there than Vikings fans. This is a home game right?
cpappa |20:37 EDT
Vikings I thought this game was in Minnesota. That's a lot of cheers on a Cowboys first down.
ratpatrol01 |20:39 EDT
Vikings Yup the back up looking like a starter... Typical.
modernvikings |20:39 EDT
(5:24) G.Zuerlein 43 yard field goal is No Good
Vikings That was an awful field goal try.
Ragnarsson |20:42 EDT
Vikings Missed kick! Things are looking up!
cpappa |20:42 EDT
Vikings This is a nationally televised game ... keep the pedal down all night, Zimmer
modernvikings |20:44 EDT
MIN Punts
Vikings Great punt!
Ragnarsson |20:48 EDT
Vikings Don't think you could expect a better start. Need a stop here and another scoring drive. We are due for a laugher for sure.
Vikes91 |20:50 EDT
Vikings Kirk Cousin's inaccuracy showing its ugly head.
Viking Rod |20:54 EDT
Chomping at the bit for him to have a bad game... so you can say I told you so?
Papaspud |20:56 EDT
That's half our fanbase lately.
Vikes91 |20:57 EDT
Lately lol. That's been the fan base since 2018.
Damin Wolfblade |20:58 EDT

Second Quarter
Vikings Okay, Vikes still ahead...let's keep it that way.
Ragnarsson |20:58 EDT
(14:27) C.Rush pass INTERCEPTED by X.Woods
Vikings Nice INT.
ratpatrol01 |21:00 EDT
Vikings A TD here would be massive.
Vikes91 |21:01 EDT
Vikings Gotta capitalize on that pick with a TD.
chaosg |21:02 EDT
Vikings Holy many Cowboys fans are at the Bank tonight?
Ragnarsson |21:05 EDT
Vikings Of course they can't get points off a turnover.
Polsdofer |21:05 EDT
(12:44) MIN Punts
Vikings Normally I'd be a little more upset, but Rush doesn't seem very smart so I'm not too worried.
ratpatrol01 |21:05 EDT
How long have you been a Viking fan?
modernvikings |21:06 EDT
Vikings Kirk Cousins only looks good in the first quarter because of scripted and practiced plays. When we get into the second quarter, we see what we really have.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |21:06 EDT
Vikings Why do I feel like Dak would be smoking us by now??
Jeter325 |21:06 EDT
Because he probably would be. But he smokes everyone.
Vikes91 |21:07 EDT
Vikings Just a reminder, Dallas hasn't scored a point yet, lol.
Vikes91 |21:10 EDT
Vikings 3rd-and-6, can we stop it? No...
modernvikings |21:11 EDT
Vikings Typical prime time Vikings making a nothing QB look like Montana.
Han Bammered |21:11 EDT
Vikings Are they holding or is their O-line just better? I feel like they keep delayed handoffs and we still can't get home.
Vikes91 |21:12 EDT
Their line is good.
modernvikings |21:12 EDT
Cowboys have a great line, sadly.
Typ2 |21:12 EDT
They have one of the best offensive lines in the league.
Gibraltar |21:12 EDT
Their line is good and our DBs match up well with the 3rd string bench warmer QB they have.
Han Bammered |21:12 EDT
Vikings Cooper Rush looking like a polished veteran.
woggerone |21:13 EDT
Vikings Rush is throwing the ball very accurately.
Big Stupid Face |21:13 EDT
Vikings Good stop.
ratpatrol01 |21:15 EDT
(6:13) G.Zuerlein 38 yard field goal is GOOD.
Cowboys 3 - Vikings 7
Vikings They just rushed only 2 guys...holy disrespect for Kirk!
Jeter325 |21:21 EDT
Vikings Alright... off sides, free 1st down.
modernvikings |21:22 EDT
Vikings Pick... pending review.
modernvikings |21:25 EDT
It won't stand.
modernvikings |21:35 EDT
Vikings I will not run on first down.
I will not run on first down.
I will not run on first down.
I will not run on first down.
I will not run on first down.
I will not run on first down.
bazonga |21:26 EDT
Vikings Honestly this team has a high ceiling if they can just find a little more consistency overall. This could be a fun year.
Vikes91 |21:27 EDT
We're beating Cooper Rush by 4 points 2mins before half. Slow your roll.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |21:28 EDT
(1:49) MIN field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 3 - Vikings 10
Vikings What happened to the playcalling the first drive? Forcing the run kills drives.
drockh |21:31 EDT
Vikings Disgusting. Offense needed 7.
Chris Decker |21:31 EDT
Vikings So unusual for the Vikings to get off to a fast start and then degrade into a total stats fart. #sarcasm
BetioChaps |21:34 EDT
Vikings Man the Vikings don't look good. We'd probably be getting destroyed if Dak was playing.
dlhouse |21:37 EDT
(:43) DAL punts 50 yards to MIN 15
Vikings Will we even try for points or kneel it down.
dlhouse |21:40 EDT
Vikings Here comes run out the clock.
DelawareViking |21:40 EDT
Vikings Clock master Zimmer.
drockh |21:41 EDT
Vikings Worst 2 min team in the league.
Polsdofer |21:41 EDT
Vikings That was freaking awful. Why the heck did they not take a timeout?
cpappa |21:42 EDT
Vikings When will Zimmer learn how a clock works?
drockh |21:43 EDT
Vikings Let's chip in and get Zimm a Clock Management for Dummies book for Christmas.
BetioChaps |21:43 EDT
Vikings I will not waste that last second.
I will not waste that last second.
I will not waste that last second.
I will not waste that last second.
I will not waste that last second.
I will not waste that last second.
bazonga |21:44 EDT
Vikings I feel like Zimmer could fill a solid two hours of sports bloopers footage.
drockh |21:49 EDT
Vikings We've run the ball 9 times for 23 yards with a long of 15, so 8-for-8 yards except for that one play. Throw the ball!
Halluxx |21:51 EDT
Vikings Watch, they come out and Dallas marches right down the field.
Chris Decker |21:54 EDT

Third Quarter
Vikings The D needs a stop on this drive...
modernvikings |21:57 EDT
Vikings Okay, now take advantage of a third-down-and-long.
Ragnarsson |21:59 EDT
(14:18) (Shotgun) C.Rush pass to C.Wilson for 73 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 10 - Vikings 10
Vikings Seriously?
Ragnarsson |21:59 EDT
Vikings Lol. This defense.
woggerone |21:59 EDT
Vikings 73 yard TD... well this game is done...
modernvikings |21:59 EDT
Vikings That's it. Cooper Rush is outplaying Curse Croutons.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |21:59 EDT
Vikings Literally just turned the game on, to see that crap. What the heck? Turning it off now.
AmpolGold |22:04 EDT
Vikings 2nd and 17.. this team never seems to be able to put it together after the first drive.
modernvikings |22:07 EDT
Vikings Dallas crowd very loud.
tkchap |22:09 EDT
MIN Punts
Packers Is MIN gonna gag this opportunity to beat DAL w/out Dak at home? It's in play. As is another L to Cousins' horrible prime time record.
MCAction |22:10 EDT
Vikings I'd ask for a turnover but our offense wouldn't know what to do with it anyway.
modernvikings |22:11 EDT
Vikings We're playing against Cooper Rush. We should be feasting.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |22:11 EDT
Vikings The Cowboys trust their second-string QB to throw it downfield more than Zimmer does his 30 million dollar QB....
blackmankitteh |22:13 EDT
DAL Punts
Vikings Amazing, throw the ball and you get first downs. Incredible!
ratpatrol01 |22:19 EDT
Vikings Hand off up the middle loss of 2.
modernvikings |22:19 EDT
Vikings Stop with the runs up the middle!
Ragnarsson |22:19 EDT
Vikings 3rd and 12 throw it for 7...WTF
modernvikings |22:20 EDT
Vikings Oh yay. Another FG attempt.
cpappa |22:20 EDT
(6:36) MIN field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 10 - Vikings 13
Vikings Zim and Kirk defenders - if we lose to Cooper Rush, there's nothing left to defend.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |22:22 EDT
Vikings How many damn Cowboys fans are at this game?
ratpatrol01 |22:26 EDT
Vikings Seems to be more Cowboy fans at the game than Vikings fans. Did everyone sell their tickets or something?
cpappa |22:26 EDT
DAL Punts
Vikings Here comes the no-offense.
PurpleCabbageEater |22:29 EDT
Vikings Lol, Check-Down Kirk. Thielen was wide open but he went to Ham for a 3-yard loss.
Vike Me |22:34 EDT
Vikings All right, primetime Cousins is a real thing and he is here. This is BAD.
ratpatrol01 |22:34 EDT
MIN Punts
Vikings Zimmer is being outcoached by McCarthy.... think about that.
modernvikings |22:36 EDT
(2:06) C.Wilson pass deep right to C.Lamb for 35 yards
Vikings Are u kidding me....
Jeter325 |22:36 EDT
Vikings Cedric Wilson throwing better than Kirk Cousins.
blackmankitteh |22:37 EDT
Vikings Thank God Dak did not play.
PurpleCabbageEater |22:38 EDT
Holy sheep it would've been a massacre.
PurpleCabbageEater |22:38 EDT
I think you meant, "Holy sheep we would have been shorn."
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |22:38 EDT
They'd be looking at fifty
PurpleCabbageEater |22:38 EDT
(:08) G.Zuerlein 39 yard field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 13 - Vikings 13
Giants Watching the Vikings blow, this is physically painful.
Danny Dimes |22:38 EDT
Vikings So there are more Dallas fans in Minnesota than there are Vikes fans?
Vike Me |22:39 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Vikings How many passes for a loss have there been today?
grimmace420 |22:42 EDT
Vikings Parsons best player on the field. With a player like that you can use a backup QB.
BerserkerViking |22:43 EDT
Vikings We must lead the league in negative passing plays.
TheSnarkyViking |22:43 EDT
Vikings If we are only going to throw five-yard routes, Christian Ponder would save us a ton of cap space.
Darth Tugits |22:43 EDT
Vikings Awesome, now it's 3rd-and-8 ... we are 1-for-9 on 3rd down...
modernvikings |22:44 EDT
Vikings So sick of three and outs!!!
PastorBillCCP |22:46 EDT
MIN Punts
Vikings It's like Cousins' kryptonite is the NBC logo.
Vikes91 |22:46 EDT
Vikings Rush has too much time.
ratpatrol01 |22:47 EDT
Vikings Cooper Rush looks like a seasoned pro.
woggerone |22:47 EDT
Vikings I do not understand how Zimmer still has a job.
Typ2 |22:51 EDT
Vikings This is totally totally over.. 2nd-and-20 and a backup QB is torching your defense.
modernvikings |22:51 EDT
(10:03) C.Rush sacked (X.Woods). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by MIN.
Vikings NICE!!!!!!!!
Vikes91 |22:52 EDT
Vikings Nice!!! Now plzzzzz don’t go 3-and-out
grimmace420 |22:52 EDT
Vikings 3rd-and-13 and Cooper Rush throws it beyond the sticks. At least one of these QBs is fun to watch.
blackmankitteh |22:53 EDT
Eagles Cooper FLUSH !!!
Philbert Desenex aka Wonder Warthog |22:53 EDT
Cooper CRUSH on the Sack-Fumble.
Philbert Desenex aka Wonder Warthog |22:55 EDT
Pooper MUSH.
Eaglesfan_from Jerseythou |23:05 EDT
Vikings If not for 2 Rush turnovers, this game would be a bloodbath.
Vike Me |22:54 EDT
Vikings 3-and-out here we come.. intentional grounding... 2nd-and-20.
modernvikings |22:56 EDT
Vikings Intentional Kirking, number 8.
Archaeopteryx Enthusiast |22:56 EDT
Lions Micah Parsons playing like the ROY.
The Little Vagiants |22:56 EDT
ratpatrol01 |22:58 EDT
MIN Punts
Vikings This has to be enough to fire Zimmer.
drockh |22:59 EDT
Vikings A bunch of trick or treaters just showed up at my door dressed like Dallas Cowboys.
Viking Rod |23:01 EDT
Vikings Thank you CeeDee Lamb for dropping a sure first down.
modernvikings |23:02 EDT
DAL Punts
Vikings Backup QB on road 6/13 on third downs (should’ve been 7/13). We’re 1/11….
BrownMamba22 |23:03 EDT
Vikings Let’s play for a field goal here.
DelawareViking |23:06 EDT
That was always Zimmer’s plan.
drockh |23:07 EDT
Vikings Burn down to 4 minutes and kick a FG LOL
modernvikings |23:10 EDT
Vikings Even with the refs helping this entire drive the Vikings still can't do anything lol.
darksealer |23:11 EDT
Vikings The strategy is now to draw unnecessary roughness until we are on the goal line.
prockstar03 |23:11 EDT
Vikings All that for 3.
drockh |23:12 EDT
Vikings Dallas is playing really good defense too, they're are not biting on the play actions at all.
Polsdofer |23:12 EDT
Vikings Pass behind the line of scrimmage, that will fool them.
remsteel |23:12 EDT
Vikings The Refs give them 45 yard and they still can't get a TD.
ratpatrol01 |23:12 EDT
(2:54) MIN field goal is GOOD
Cowboys 13 - Vikings 16
Vikings Get ready to see the defense make Cooper Rush look like a future Hall of Famer.
Han Bammered |23:13 EDT
Eagles I think it's safe to say that had Dak played, the Cowboys would have won easily.
konaboy4 |23:14 EDT
Vikings 1-for-12 on 3rd down and 7 penalties for 1st downs is a winning formula.
Initial Z |23:16 EDT
Vikings Here comes Pro Bowler Rush leading the Cowboys to a victory.
modernvikings |23:17 EDT
(2:46) C.Rush pass deep right to A.Cooper to MIN 42 for 33 yards
Vikings Well well well...
modernvikings |23:17 EDT
Vikings Are you kidding me?
cpappa |23:17 EDT
Vikings It's not so much that I am surprised, as much as I am impressed that this can happen week after week.
ratpatrol01 |23:19 EDT
Eagles I know Cooper is a good WR, but wow with the luck.
David Okinsky |23:19 EDT
blackmankitteh |23:21 EDT
Vikings 300+ yards passing for something called Cooper Rush. SMH.
Han Bammered |23:24 EDT
(:55) C.Rush pass short left to A.Cooper for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
Cowboys 20 - Vikings 16 7
Vikings This team doesn't deserve fans.
Byakhee |23:27 EDT
Vikings Game over. Nothing the offense has done tonight makes me believe they will come back and score a TD.
cpappa |23:27 EDT
Steelers I benched Amari Cooper today. Sigh.
LookingCoolJoker |23:27 EDT
Vikings Rush throws for 325 yards.... Zimmer the defensive guru.
modernvikings |23:28 EDT
Vikings Just take a knee and let the clock run out. Bunch of losers.
woggerone |23:29 EDT
End Of Game
Giants Dallas backup QB looked good. Cousins in 4th looked generally bad as I watch last drive.
scarlet knight |23:29 EDT
Eagles This game just proves how irrelevant Dak Prescott really is, surround Cooper Rush with 1st round picks and the dude throws for over 300 yards and 2 TDs lol.
Flash in The Pan Prescott |23:30 EDT
LOL, your Prescott hate is legendarily bizarre.
GBAB1973 |23:34 EDT
Eagles I can stomach a rebuilding year but a season where Dallas appears to be legitimately good is just too much.
Bleedgreen93 |23:32 EDT
Vikings It's Sunday Night! Featuring Mike Zimmer and the Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Players!
St. Paul 16 |23:33 EDT
Eagles I don’t think the Cowboys are as complete as the Bucs, Cardinals, Packers, or Rams. But we will see.
Howie Roseman BFF |23:33 EDT
I don't think you are watching football.
konaboy4 |23:36 EDT
Vikings If you defend Cousins or Zimmer after this game then you're a clown.
darksealer |23:34 EDT
Steelers Is today National Backup QB Day or something? Maybe the Browns should've played Keenum after all.
LookingCoolJoker |23:34 EDT
Washington Man. Watching this Dallas team is so disheartening. They are playing so well... Cooper Rush throwing darts... Elliott showing shades of Portis in the blocking game... they look so complete. AND I AM SO JEALOUS. *sigh*
PotRoast McGee |23:35 EDT
Eagles Honestly, Dallas deserved that win after those 3 bogus penalties. They showed some heart to come back like they did. Besides, if they had lost, all we'd be hearing about is how they were robbed. Lol.
sirpaulj7 |23:36 EDT
They were screwed on those personal fouls.
konaboy4 |23:37 EDT
sirpaulj7 |23:38 EDT
Eagles Cooper Rush is the best prince Harry lookalike QB of all time
phuckdallass |23:37 EDT
Vikings Cooper Rush, "Thankful my first full NFL game was against the Vikings."
BetioChaps |23:39 EDT
Raiders Man…. Can we get Amari Cooper back too?
Satnam |02:26 EDT

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