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Here is what the Rams trading for Von Miller means for the Dallas Cowboys

An NFC foe just added a defensive playmaker.

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The Dallas Cowboys are winners of six in a row and pulled off the impossible by winning on Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings without Dak Prescott under center. We all recognize Prescott’s value to the Cowboys which is why it was so unbelievable for Dallas to find a way to win without him. Generally speaking, this organization has been left rudderless when dealing without their starting quarterback for a stretch whether that was Prescott or Tony Romo before him.

It seems as if these Cowboys might be different and might be equipped for legitimate playoff success. Time will tell exactly what the postseason has in store for them, but if you are looking towards January, you are likely well aware of one NFC contender significantly improving their roster on Monday.

Let’s take a look at how that impacts America’s Team.

Here is what the Rams trading for Von Miller means for the Dallas Cowboys

Monday morning brought the news of one NFC contender adding to their arsenal as the Los Angeles Rams sent a second- and third-round pick in 2022 to the Denver Broncos in exchange for pass rusher Von Miller.

Miller has had his name connected to trade talks for a long time, and even a few years ago it seemed as if his own family wanted the Dallas Cowboys to get involved (Miller is from Texas after all). But he will be working for the Rams and working along the same defensive line that features Aaron Donald, a threat that he has never had on the same defensive line as him, all due respect to a later-in-his-career DeMarcus Ware.

Getting to the Cowboys though, as fate would have it they are actually hosting the Denver Broncos this week (they opened as 7-point favorites before this trade even happened by the way). Miller was injured during the team’s loss to the Cleveland Browns in Week 7 and was inactive for their win against Washington Sunday. Obviously the Broncos were working a trade for him so keeping him out of the game made sense. Still, though, it appears as if he is healthy enough to play in Week 9 so we’ll see how the Rams ultimately handle him, but he won’t be doing so against the Cowboys which is certainly not a bad thing.

Dallas should cruise to victory (not trying to be too overly confident here) against the Broncos and perhaps they will do so with Cooper Rush under center again. All of that remains to be seen.

But what do we make of the Rams with Von Miller now? Los Angeles was a force to be reckoned with before the Miller trade and adding him to their pass rush obviously makes them even better. How should we feel as Cowboys fans?

We have been stressing for a while that it is essential for the Cowboys to finish as one of the top three seeds in the NFC. It is extremely likely that whoever is number four will draw the wildcard from the NFC West which very well might be the Rams (remember that their lone loss was at home to the division-leading Cardinals). In a perfect world the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Green Bay Packers (other contenders for the top seeds in the conference besides Arizona) would be the team to host the Rams in the Wildcard Round while Dallas is on bye or facing someone else.

It also makes sense for Cowboys fans to now root for the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West. Arizona is obviously a very good team, but it stands to reason that most people are generally more fearful of the Rams as a whole. With only one loss on their record to this point. the Rams could be in contention for the top overall seed and first round bye if they surpass the Cardinals in the division.

It is going to be an interesting rest of the regular season.

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