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2021 NFL Week 9 Dallas Cowboys Fan Rooting Guide: The time has come to root for a division rival

Here are all of the things Cowboys fans should be rooting for in Week 10.

NFL: Washington Football Team at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys lost last week, but they didn’t lose in every single way. Week 9 was somewhat prosperous for them even thought hey couldn’t get a win themselves. Of course, the primary objective for Dallas is always to win. If they take care of their own business then more often than not the results around them will be favorable.

Still, though, while all of our football energy will be concentrated on the Cowboys defeating the Atlanta Falcons, there are other things that we and they would like to see as far as the overall playoff picture is concerned. Morale is low this week but it is more obvious than not that Dallas is going to win the NFC East, and it will be critical for them to obtain the easiest path possible towards winning the Super Bowl. That starts with securing one of the top three seeds.

Entering Week 10 the NFC seeds as far as division winners are (in order) the Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and then the Dallas Cowboys. This means that if the playoffs started today (they obviously do not) that Dallas would be the team to host the Los Angeles Rams in the Wildcard Round which is something that we do not want to see.

Here is what Dallas Cowboys fans should be rooting for in Week 10

It goes without saying that we want to see each of these teams (the Rams included in the event that they surpass the Cardinals in the NFC West) lose as much as possible. We are obviously rooting against them all from here on out.

As fate would have it, the Washington Football Team is hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week and while we would normally be rooting against Washington as an NFC East rival, we have reached the point where it makes more logical sense to root for Tampa to fall.

Many Cowboys fans took this approach a month ago when the Buccaneers visited the Philadelphia Eagles even though the NFC East title was more in doubt then than now. Given that Washington is 2-6 at the moment, a win for them would hardly prove costly against the Cowboys’ divisional cause.

The Seattle Seahawks will visit the Green Bay Packers and will get Russell Wilson back for the occasion. We are rooting for them to win as well as for the Carolina Panthers - with quarterback P.J. Walker - to upset the Cardinals somehow, some way.

It is impossible to know who is going to win the NFC West at the moment but if the Cardinals do, then a Rams loss won’t exactly be consequential to the Cowboys. Since we do not know who is going to win that division it would be best for both teams to lose so that Dallas is able to have a higher seed on whoever winds up winning.

Of course, we are also rooting for the Eagles to lose despite how bad they have been so far this season. Philly is technically in second place in the NFC East and therefore the largest theoretical threat to the Cowboys winning it.

Some fans want to see the Eagles win so as to worsen their 2022 NFL Draft position and if you really want to scratch an itch there then you can root for the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts. Philadelphia already owns Miami’s first-round pick in 2022 and will very likely own Indy’s so we want to see those worsened as much as possible by wins from those teams.

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