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Mike McCarthy used “Monkey Butt” to motivate the Dallas Cowboys towards victory over the Falcons

The Cowboys head coach will go to any measure necessary.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys roared back to victory on Sunday afternoon against the Atlanta Falcons and left absolutely zero doubt that their woeful performance against the Denver Broncos in Week 9 was an aberration. Many were curious to see if Dallas would come out with a vengeance against Atlanta to prove they are contenders.

The Cowboys are not just a good team, they are a very good team, and they are a well-coached team. It is true that the subject of Mike McCarthy is a divisive one among Cowboys fans. However you feel about McCarthy, it cannot be denied that he has gone to some extraordinary measures to help his team win. You will recall how he famously smashed watermelons to motivate his team ahead of their game against the Minnesota Vikings in 2020, and McCarthy was at it again before Sunday’s contest against Atlanta.

Stunts like this can be called cheesy and they only getting attention because the Cowboys won, but here’s the thing, the Dallas Cowboys won. Mike McCarthy clearly has a way of connecting with his players and knowing when and how to press certain buttons. He challenged them in the aftermath of their humiliating loss to the Broncos and got them riled up in all of the right ways.

It was obvious that Dallas wanted to start fast and set the tone as exemplified by the fact that they chose to receive when they won the toss, something that has become uncharacteristic of the team under McCarthy. They are his team in a whole and full sense, and we are starting to see all of his ideas come to fruition.

Welcome to the resistance.

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