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Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore are one of the most potent quarterback-coordinator pairs in the NFL

We are watching one of the most formidable pairs in the NFL right now.

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL for a lot of reasons. Defensively we have seen the Cowboys generate multiple turnovers more often than not this season, and the special teams unit is impacting games with three punt blocks over the last four games as an example. These are obviously new developments for the team which are part of what is propelling them to their current 7-2 record. However, one thing has remained the same: The Dallas Cowboys have one of the very best offenses in the NFL.

This has been the case for a while, and the origin point has a lot to do with quarterback Dak Prescott taking things to a new level as far as his own play is concerned intersecting with the arrival of Kellen Moore as the team’s offensive coordinator. As the two have grown together the offense has grown to be elite.

Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore are one of the most potent quarterback-coordinator pairs in the NFL

This week the Dallas Cowboys will be visiting a team that has been the gold standard for the last few years as far as offensive output is concerned in the Kansas City Chiefs.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, head coach Andy Reid, and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy have comprised a group that has generally left opposing defenses in their wake, and while they rebounded last week in Las Vegas, they have struggled to find that form for most of 2021. Still, they are to be respected ahead of this week’s matchup between the Cowboys and Chiefs.

As Dallas and Kansas City (formerly Dallas themselves, a storyline we will surely hear a lot on the broadcast) will square off this week, we wanted to take a look at how the Cowboys offense has fared with Prescott and Moore as the duo at the controls compared to Kansas City in that same stretch of time. Since we are looking specifically at games authored by Prescott and Moore we excluded the ones that the quarterback missed.

The results speak for themselves. The Dallas Cowboys have arguably the most lethal combination of quarterback and offensive coordinator in the NFL.

Compiled by Aidan Davis.
Compiled by Aidan Davis.

The first graphic looks at offensive yards per play and points scored from 2019 through our current point in time, again excluding the games that Dak Prescott was absent for. While the Cowboys have not scored the most points in the evaluated games, given where they rank in yards per play it is more than a fair conclusion to say that they have the best offense in the NFL in this sample.

While these results jump out at us, we also wanted to see how the Prescott-Moore pair fares when the going gets tough and things are more critical than usual which is in the fourth quarter. It should be noted that at the beginning of the 2020 season that the Cowboys were on a scoring barrage in the fourth quarter on almost a weekly basis because of how porous their defense was, but that doesn’t change the results. The Cowboys offense scores in the money quarter at a rate unlike just about everybody else.

As noted, we have excluded the games in 2020 that Prescott was absent for, and the Chiefs (referencing them as an example) offense continued to dominate at the form that they otherwise did which is commendable and again so much of the reason why they cannot be overestimated this week. This season has been rough for them, but they are who they are which is one of the very best crews in the NFL.

Still, it is very interesting to see how the Cowboys are among the NFL’s most elite offenses with Dak Prescott under center and Kellen Moore in the command center on offense.

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