The Last 20 Superbowl Teams & Why The Cowboys are SuperBowl Worthy

If the playoffs started today the Dallas Cowboys, as the #3 seed, would play the #6 seed Minnesota Vikings. Let that sink in for a minute. No, not that the Cowboys would still be the #3 seed after the sky fell and the world ended yesterday. Look deeper… we’d be matched up against a team that we already defeated, wait for it…without our starting Quarterback. I hope that brought a few of you back from the ledge. For those of you still wanting to jump, I offer you the following list of Superbowl teams dating back to 2012. I have listed each teams wins and losses with a number indicating how many consecutive wins or loses the team had for the span. I also indicated each team’s record through their first 10 games and highlighted those that are the same or worse than ours is currently.

2021 Tampa Bay v Kansas City

TB – L1, W3, L1, W3, L1, W1, L2, W4 (7-3)***

KC – W4, L1, W 10, L1 (9-1)

2020 Kansas City v San Francisco

KC – W4, L2, W1, L1, W1, L1, W6 (6 - 4)***

SF – W8, L1, W2, L1, W1, L1 W2 (9 - 1)

2019 New England v LAR

NE – W1, L2, W6, L1, W2, L2, W2 (7 – 3)***

LAR – W8, L1, W3, L2, W2 (9 – 1)

2018 Philly v New England

PHI – W1, L1, W9, L1, W3, L1 (9 – 1)

NE – L1, W2, L1, W8, L1, W3 (8 – 2)

2017 New England v Atlanta

NE - W3, L1, W4, L1, W7 (8 – 2)

ATL – L1, W4, L2, W2, L1, W1, L1 W4 (6 – 4)***

2016 Denver v Carolina

DEN – W7, L2, W3, L2, W2 (8- 2)

CAR – W14, L1, W1 (10 – 0)

2015 New England v Seattle

NE – L1, W2, L1, W7, L1, W3, L1 (8 – 2)

SEA – W1, L1, W2, L2, W3, L1, W6 (6 – 4)***

2014 Seattle v Denver

SEA - W4, L1, W7, L1, W1, L1, W1 (9 – 1)

DEN - W6, L1, W3, L1, W2, L1, W2 (9 – 1)

2013 Baltimore v San Francisco

BAL - W1, L1, W4, L1, W4, L3, W1, L1 (8 – 2)

SF – W2, L1, W2, L1, W2, T1, W2, L1, W2, L1, W1 (7 – 2 – 1)***

2012 NYG v New England

NYG – L1, W3, L1, W3, L4, W1, L1, W2 (6 – 4)***

NE – W2, L1, W3, L2, W8 (7 – 3)***

As you can see, of the 20 teams that made it to the last 10 Superbowls, 8 of them had 7 wins or less through their first 10 games in the year that they made the Superbowl. In other words, 40 percent of the teams that made it to the last 10 Superbowls had a record identical to ours or worse at this point in the season.

Take into account that some years there were powerhouse frontrunners that were destined to destroy everything in their paths. The Patriots served as that team in the AFC a few times and they account for 3 of the 12 teams that had more than 7 wins through 10 games. Kansas City just last year, the Panthers in 2016 and Seattle in 2014 could all easily be said to have been on that level as well. Those were teams that took the field each week and the opposing teams all but knew they would lose.

Of course that last bit is very objective, so feel free to debate which teams in the past were that good, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 out of 12 of the Superbowl teams that bolstered 8 or more wins in their first 10 games over the course of the last 10 years were truly special teams destined from week 1 to be playing in that season’s final game. There isn’t a single solitary team this year on that level.

The Titans, Cardinals and Packers all had 8 wins in their first 10 games this year and not one of them are juggernauts that instill the level of fright the aforementioned teams did during their runs to the Superbowl. Along with us the Ravens, Rams (possibly Bucs, we’ll see if they get past NYG tonight) reached 7 wins in the first 10 this season. Again, not a list of teams that scare every opponent they face. We aren’t exactly terrifying either, but we are in the same arena as the best teams in the league THIS YEAR.

This is a season where there are easily 3 or 4 teams that could make the Superbowl from either conference and no one would be surprised. Equally, there isn’t a team that is universally crowned as destined to be playing in LA on February 13, 2022.

November 08, 2020 after the Bucs lost 38 – 3 to the New Orleans Saints a friend of mine who is a Bucs fan actually introduced me to where he, and a lot of other Bucs fans, gather much like we do here (I’m sure the SB Nation Bucs site wasn’t much different). The comments in that thread are amazingly shortsighted and not all too different from some things being said about our team, by our own fans. Here are a few samples:

"We need to be calling Miami and seeing what they want for Fitzpatrick" BDub.

Sounds familiar? The calls for Dak to be replaced resonate and reverberate through Cowboys nation after losses at an alarming rate.

"This team is a fraud. I hope they get shut out. Screw the Bucs." Rayjay1122

Particularly hilarious considering this team would go on to win the Superbowl roughly 3 months later.

So here’s the deal, the Cowboys are not a fraudulent contender. They do not need to find a replacement for their Quarterback, Offensive Coordinator or Head Coach any more than they needed to fire Bones Fassel and cut Anthony Brown after week 1 (don’t act like you don’t remember). They are a group of men that all need to do their jobs in order to put their best product out on the field every week, and this week a bunch of them didn’t perform up to task.

This team has yet to field all of their best players since the first week of the season. None of our injuries are season ending fortunately. We will get healthy and be rolling towards the end of the season, coupled with a friendly division heavy schedule and we should enter the postseason with momentum, confidence and hopefully 53 men ready to do their jobs.

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