Raiders 36 - Cowboys 33: No need to panic just yet.

Thanksgiving afternoon the cowboys fell at home to the Vegas Raiders and once again there was many issues on every side of the ball for the Cowboys. First off, I believe now is a great time to start having a conversation about our kicker. Greg "The Leg" often seems to miss crucial extra points and field goals early in close games. We witnessed this against the reigning champs opening night and now in prime time on thanksgiving day. A 59 yard field goal may not be the easiest attempt for a kicker, however, you are expected to make extra points throughout the game.

Dak seemed to struggle early game with passes sailing over receivers heads but he pulled it together very quickly and performed very well in the fourth quarter throwing for over 150 yards and a touchdown. Threw a few amazing deep balls down the sideline to Michael Gallup late game as well. My only knock on Dak will be that he missed Noah Brown in OT that may or may not of changed the outcome of the game. The pass seemed to get away from Dak slightly as it was a low ball as well as behind Noah Brown.

AB. Anthony Brown probably played one of the worst games for a defensive back this season in the NFL. Four pass interference calls giving up over 90 yards by himself. Granted, the refs were god awful and the last DPI with the game on the line was very questionable but there were 3 separate occasions where Brown got other DPI's. He most likely will not play as terrible as he did today, after opening night he seemed to have improved every week until today on thanksgiving.

There were many mistakes on the coaching side of the ball game that would take an incredible amount of time to cover but summarizing it, the "experiment" mid game to have Lael Collins win back his job, kicking a 59 yard field goal after the fact that your kicker missed an extra point, playing an injured Zeke Elliott late game rather than Tony Pollard, not challenging the "incomplete" Darren Waller play, etc.

After all of these negatives I have stated, let's focus on the positive. Your rookie LB/DE is playing at an incredibly high level. Often times seems like he is the most consistent player on this team. Gregory, DLaw, Urban, Ceedee, Cooper are some of the names you are getting back soon and lots of them will be present next week versus New Orleans. You can only assume this team will improve from that moment. The number 1 seed almost feels like it is out of reach and the best chance you will have at it is to win out and that's including winning the game versus the cardinals early January. Winning that game seems unlikely at this point but the NFL as we all know it to be is a crazy and unpredictable league.

I firmly believe that NFL teams typically win at least one game they should not win and they lose at least one game that they should not lose. The Cowboys have now lost two games I believe they should not have lost, maybe the Cardinals game is the game they will steal from the Cardinals hopefully better their chances at the one seed. Let's not panic quite yet, yes this team has a ton of issues they need to clean up but they are hopefully only going to get healthier and better. Fully expect this team to make a deep run in January.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.