Why is everyone glossing over the players we're missing?

Let's put an asterisk next to our two most recent loses, ok? It's not fair to expect a team to win games when they're missing the players we're missing. I, personally, think we can win the rest of our games this season.

It's reasonable to say that we're missing 4 of our 10 best players on the team ( at least 4 of the most important; though D-Law is not really in that conversation, anymore. He is still better a good player) If those 4 players were across the team, then it would not be so bad, but they're missing at 2 of the most integral parts of the team ( DL and WR)

Let's see what the haters say once we have Cooper, Lamb, Lawrence, and Gregory back. Not only that, but we get back a dude that clearly looks like he is ready to ball. I'm not counting on Gallimore to have a huge impact, but he is one big and svelte DT; that sounds like an oxymoron, but that dude just looks ready to explode and cause havoc up the gut.

Can the team clean some things up? Of course! Every team can. But lets not pretend every other teams is just rolling and does not run into issues during the season, because EVERY team does.

I like the position that we're in. I don't want to travel to GB ( ever), but we got the team that can do it - if we had to travel there. We've got to get things figured out on the o-line with the shuffling of players, but even with the players coming in and out, it's still "good enough"

Again, it's not how you start the race, it's how you finish.. and we're in as good a position as anyone to finish the season on a roll.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.