Landry Is Trolling McCarthy From The Beyond...

"My slumps only lasted 2 games, Mike..."

It's only funny on some levels and then not on others.

But if McCarthy can set up a shrine in his house for Landry, things might start going better...


Good news is that it - is - a November slump and that's the month they happened to Landry. Time enough to right the ship and he did so to the tune of 5 NFC championships. Which means it might be time for Mike to pay homage to Tom, or else be haunted by him...

Injuries aren't an acceptable excuse, just a fact. You're getting your best 2 WR's and best 2 DE's back soon. That will change things.

We've seen peak football from the limited skill set of Anthony Brown, and we've seen implosion. We've seen enough. Start Lewis.

And I must fault Dan Quinn for no adjustment after it was clear the Raiders were victimizing Brown. Take him out, or get him help.


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