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Dallas Cowboys hopes to win NFC East bolstered after Philadelphia Eagles loss on Sunday

Something for Cowboys fans to feel good about.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys lost on Thanksgiving Day. Let’s not forget that.

Speaking for myself, after losses like Thursday football can tend to turn more annoying than fun for a little while. You become frustrated with the game that causes you pain and ultimately come back around to hoping things work out for your team when they are up to fight again. Of course there are other things that sometimes take place in between contests that can rekindle your love which is where we are today.

Unless you are a Michigan Wolverines fan, the highest point of football joy that you experienced over the weekend came on Sunday afternoon when the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New York Giants. It was perfect in every conceivable way.

From our friends at Bleeding Green Nation:

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-7 after losing to the New York Giants on Sunday. The friggin’ New York Football Giants. Final score: 10 to 7.

There’s no sugarcoating this one: this was a terrible loss. There was really no good reason for the Birds to blow this game.

The Eagles entered this game rolling, winning three of their last four. They were facing an under-manned Giants team playing on short rest. They had an opportunity to make their push for the NFC East lead with the Dallas Cowboys losing on Thanksgiving.

And, instead, they blew it.

Many Cowboys fans spent the post-turkey part of Thanksgiving concerned that the Eagles - who have an extremely favorable-looking schedule between now and Week 18 - might continue to win games while the Cowboys floundered. This would of course not work out well for Dallas’ hopes to win the NFC East and beyond which again explains why we have all been in a bad mood as of late.

But football gives as much as it takes and on Sunday we got to win again. Philadelphia falling to New York leaves the Eagles with a 5-7 record to the Cowboys’ 7-4 one. Nothing is won and there is still a lot of work to do starting Thursday night against the New Orleans Saints, but the Cowboys are only painted into half of a room as opposed to a specific corner right now.

The Cowboys have six games remaining and four of them will come against NFC East competition. Their road is certainly difficult, but thanks to the Eagles loss on Sunday the demand to be perfect has diminished.

Thank you, New York Giants. We’ll see you soon.

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