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Dallas Cowboys fans are starting to come around on Mike McCarthy as the team’s head coach

The Cowboys head coach is picking up in popularity.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

This Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos will mark the 24th one that Mike McCarthy has coached for the Dallas Cowboys. If we are to assume that the Cowboys win on Sunday, an admitted assumption but a fair one, it would give them 13 wins and 11 losses under McCarthy so far. Breaking those up in halves would give Dallas a 3-9 record through the first half and a 10-2 record through the second.

McCarthy enters Sunday with a 7-4 record as the Cowboys head coach with Dak Prescott as his quarterback. It is no secret that many Cowboys fans were not all too fond of the team’s head coach after his inaugural season, but people are starting to come around.

Dallas Cowboys fans are starting to come around on Mike McCarthy as the team’s head coach

Every week we use SB Nation Reacts to poll football fans on different subjects around the league. This week we thought it would be interesting to see how Dallas Cowboys fans are feeling about Mike McCarthy given the run of success that he has had over the first half of this season.

Many people attribute the Cowboys’ success this season to a lot of non-McCarthy factors. While it is true that there are a number of reasons for this team’s continued growth, it feels rather nit-picky to purposefully choose not to highlight the job that the head coach is doing.

Compiled by Aidan Davis.

We knew that the Cowboys had a great offense, and given that that side of the ball has been McCarthy’s hallmark throughout his career, it isn’t shocking to see things crystallizing on a week-to-week basis there. What’s more is that upon arriving in Dallas, McCarthy had the presence of mind and humility to retain offense coordinator Kellen Moore and his growth has also attributed to what has been happening over the last couple of months.

But the Cowboys are succeeding everywhere, not just on offense and defense, but in an overall sense. Dallas has made a lot of tough choices this year roster-wise and been dealt some difficult roster hurdles only to prosper in spite of them all. Say what you will about him, but McCarthy instills a “find a way to get it done” mantra that was absent throughout the previous regime, a notion that was particularly highlighted last week when Dallas went on the road and beat the Minnesota Vikings without Dak Prescott.

Among reacts voters there was a tie between those who were “in love with” Mike McCarthy and those who are “undecided” of him at 43% each (14% said that they are not a fan).

Based strictly on how his team is playing at the moment, he is one of the best head coaches in the NFL at this time. While that doesn’t mean he is the greatest coach that this team has ever had, it is more than fair to give him his share of props.

As we all know, McCarthy is in a results-oriented business and to truly caputre the heats of Dallas fans, his team needs to win the game’s ultimate prize. They are much closer to that than anyone ever thought they would be under him, so here’s hoping he continues to prove people wrong.

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