Urgency - Importance Requiring Swift Action

It’s easy to call out the coaches in hindsight and say moving Steele to the left was the wrong move. It’s easy to say that a rarely seen series of events on a blocked punt screwed us out of a huge momentum swing. It’s easy to say maybe Dak had a little rust or maybe his calf wasn’t fully healed. All those things are easy, but easy isn’t always right.

The coaches every week have to make personnel decisions and those calls are only easy in hindsight. They did a great job coming up aces on their personnel calls through the first 7 games, so they deserved our faith in them when they decided not to have Collins play out of his natural positon. So it didn’t work; you can’t win them all.

The blocked punt? Please! If you watched this game yesterday you didn’t watch a team that was certain to come back from a 16 point deficit just because we gained a possession deep in enemy territory and with a little wind in our sails. You saw a team that couldn’t steer the ship straight no matter the wind. You also saw a teamn that, according to Nahshon Wright, knew the rule that gave the ball back to Denver.

Dak looked more indecisive than usual, but he didn’t look physically hampered. The only thing that would lead me to believe that Dak was favoring his leg was the fact that he had a couple bad overthrows that could indicate he was overcompensating for a lack of drive from that leg. Still, I don’t think it’s entirely probable.

To a man there was a lack of urgency. The coaching staff didn’t seem like they had a great scheme for 3rd and 4th and short. There was mention that at halftime McCarthy said that they were caught off guard by the heavy boxes the Denver defense was showing. This Cowboys team with its plethora of WRs and TEs has been feasting versus stacked boxes, "aggressively" taking the one on one matchups because that is what is there.

Those WRs didn’t appear to be running their routes with the same level of crispness or diligence as we’re used to seeing. Hell, they couldn’t hold on to passes that were hitting them dead in the numbers!

Third down… I’ll keep it short. On both sides of the ball the Cowboys did not participate on third downs all game. They competed on first and second down and decided third down was time for a break. The run defense was 2020 bad…really it was.

Micah played a great game! Osa played a great game! That’s all I got… specials teams wasn’t bad; getting a blocked punt is huge, but then Nahshon bumbled away his chance to be a hero, and instead of being GOATed, they’re just scape goats.

There is absolutely no blueprint; that’s just silly talk to be frank. Unless you can gameplan to play a team when they are at their worst and you know they aren’t coming to play…this game provided the league with nothing more than an opportunity to see the Cowboys falter.

In all honesty, listening to all the players and even coaches admit how flat they were, how lackluster practices were this last week (and even the week prior), I’m glad they lost the way they did. If they lost a nail biter versus one of the better teams in the league they might still be on cloud nine waiting for the balloon to burst. Instead they got thoroughly curb stomped, in every facet of the game, from beginning to end, at home versus an inferior opponent whose head coach may well have been coaching for his job.

This is the loss that makes young men have to look themselves in the mirror, hold themselves accountable, and come out the following week, and hopefully the rest of the season, ready to run through walls for the man standing next to them.

They always say let your comeback be greater than your setback, well this is the litmus test. The way the team responds to this loss will speak volumes for who they really are and it may be the match that lights the flames of victory going forward.

So, urgency - importance requiring swift action's safe to say the Cowboys saw no importance leading into this game, nor did they early on. We've heard their responses and there is no doubt they see, feel and know the importance after that beating

Now is time for the swift action!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.