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2021 NFL Week 13 Dallas Cowboys Fan Rooting Guide: The Thanksgiving Day Raiders need to show up again

Help the Cowboys out, Las Vegas.

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys disappointed last week, but thankfully the week as a whole was salvaged when the New York Giants defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. This kept breathing room alive as far as the race for the NFC East title is concerned.

The Cowboys need to take care of their own business, but getting help from other teams is never a bad thing. Every week we put together a rooting guide as far as non-Cowboys things are concerned and interestingly enough a lot of what want to see is aligned in Week 13.

Our primary focus right now is the NFC East title as that is the most sure way for Dallas to secure a playoff berth. Closely behind that lies our interests in seeing other contending teams in the conference fall so as to improve the team’s playoff positioning as best as possible.

The lowest priority that we have been paying attention to this season has had to do with the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, and Indianapolis Colts. The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles hold draft stock in 2022 that belongs to these teams so we want to see those teams win as much as possible to lower the value of the draft picks.

As noted, there are some things aligning this week and that is the Miami Dolphins playing the New York Giants and Chicago Bears taking on the Arizona Cardinals. Obviously we want to see New York lose as they are a division rival (who will very likely be without their starting quarterback in Daniel Jones by the way) and the Cardinals are currently the top seed in the NFC. Dallas will still host Arizona in a few weeks so if the Cardinals can slip up it is theoretically possible for the Cowboys to surpass them as far as seeding is concerned.

Other than that things are pretty straightforward this week. We are rooting for all three division rivals to lose which means we need to see the Thanksgiving Day version (as in a good team and hopefully this time also aided by a number of penalties) of the Las Vegas Raiders to show up and take down the Washington Football Team who Dallas will see twice in three weeks starting next Sunday.

In a perfect world the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams would also lose so as to keep hope alive for playoff positioning. That’s all. We aren’t asking for a lot!

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