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The Dallas Cowboys brought their own benches to Washington for their game against the Football Team

More heat for the Cowboys and Football Team rivalry.

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of build up to today’s clash between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team. Soon enough, two division rivals will be playing in the biggest game of the season with one (the Cowboys) able to take a commanding lead on the NFC East and the other (the Football Team) looking to make a huge leap towards repeating as champions. Head coaches Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera have exchanged a bit of words this week through the media and it has felt a lot like a game straight from the 1990s for a lot of fans around here.

Apparently the Cowboys weren’t satisfied with Mike McCarthy’s “guarantee” (that was blown way out of proportion, but hey, fun) and decided to up the intensity on Sunday morning. Dallas decided to bring a little bit of home with them as they brought their own benches to their sideline at FedEx Field.

The visiting bench is the responsibility of the visiting team which means they can do with it what they want. In this particular case, it appears that they have chosen to bring a little something to show some team pride.

When news of this first hit the Twitterverse many took it as what it seems like, another bit of the Cowboys rubbing it in the face of their rivals; however, there is a logical explanation for why Dallas has their own benches at FedEx Field and it makes complete sense.

According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, the Cowboys heard by way of the Seattle Seahawks (incidentally another Washington Football Team) that when they visited FedEx Field two weeks ago that the benches kept going out during the game.

Mike McCarthy has always prioritized the health and wellness of his players so it isn’t surprising to see him take care of them from this particular perspective. If the players need to be heated while they are on the sidelines, they will have what they need in order to do so.

Bring the energy. Bring the benches. Bring it all!

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