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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys at Washington:’Parsons looks like Lawrence Taylor out there’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys crush Washington’s soul.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s your chance to relive what fans of other NFL teams were thinking while they were watching the Cowboys beat Washington - via the comments made by those fans while watching the game. Follow along and witness how every time Washington got its hopes up, that hope was ripped away by soul-crushing plays at the most inopportune moments, time and time again. The Cowboys defense came to play and was able to rescue the game for an offense that still hasn't regained the form they displayed earlier this year. But oh man, that defense is now a thing!

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Washington I hope they have to carry their loser benches home in shame… all the more reason we need to beat their asses today. Also F Dan Snyder for allowing it.
McLovinLife | 12:07 EDT
Eagles Why couldn’t we pick Micah Parsons? Smh.
Greenboogerstastebetter | 12:19 EDT
Because we whiffed on receiver 2x in a row and had to fix it.
HakunaMailata | 12:33 EDT
Washington All Cowboys fans. This is a freaking embarrassment.
Hooskins | 12:25 EDT
Washington 65-35 Cowboys fans. Absolute embarrassment.
Hooskins | 12:30 EDT
Washington No Aikman and Buck for the game; things are already looking up.
B&G Beatdown | 12:35 EDT
Patriots I'm going to laugh so freaking hard if the Cowboys lose to the Football Team after McCarthy came back and guaranteed a win. Sooo much laughter if they lose.
Please Don't Retire BB | 12:46 EDT
Washington WFT being clowned on Fox pre-game show.... if there ever was a game we need to win it's this one to make the nation eat crow...
Anubis31 | 12:52 EDT
Washington Seems like a good game for our first defensive TD of the year.
bmmoore7 | 12:56 EDT
Rams Gotta pull for Washington because ....well it is Dallas and as such needs no explanation for most of you.
hbwb | 01:02 EDT
Washington I hope NFL Owners and Goodell appreciate the empty stands in one of NFL's and Fox TV's most hyped games this weekend. Lackluster hometown enthusiasm for America's game.
twoplanters | 01:02 EDT
Washington Nice stop on third down.
dg28 | 01:10 EDT
(9:37) G.Zuerlein 35 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 3 - WAS 0
Washington Held them to 3! I'll take it.
CartesianTheater | 01:10 EDT
Washington While definitely the largest crowd, why are there so many empty seats?
Twelfth man | 01:11 EDT
Dan Snyder killed the fanbase.
Czechurself | 01:12 EDT
Washington We got a stop on defense, okay Dallas got 3, now let's get 7.
bmartin17 | 01:15 EDT
(8:03) WAS Punts
Patriots Jerry Jones vs Daniel Snyder? If this were bowl game it would be Most Hated Ownership Bowl.
DrDunk | 01:19 EDT
Gotta give it to Snyder.
AronL | 01:19 EDT
In a photo finish.
DrDunk | 01:24 EDT
Washington This is a statement game. You either win this game and make a statement here and now that you're legit or you lose this game and get exposed as frauds who got lucky during the win streak. Games like these are defining moments in a season and so they better win it.
Sebastian75 | 01:21 EDT
(6:13) D.Prescott pass deep left INTERCEPTED
Washington FedEx turf monster got Dak there. WOOT COLLINS!
B&G Beatdown | 01:23 EDT
Washington Yeah daddy.
SkinsNJ | 01:23 EDT
Washington Landon Collins in coverage!
dg28 | 01:23 EDT
(5:26) T.Heinicke INTERCEPTED by R.Gregory
Washington Sigh, spectacular play by Gregory...
B&G Beatdown | 01:25 EDT
Washington That was an impressive play by Gregory. Yeesh.
dg28 | 01:25 EDT
Washington That is just a fantastic athletic play by their DE...Randy Gregory props!
StillASkinsFan | 01:25 EDT
Eagles Nice play by Gregory.
A Graham Short | 01:26 EDT
Washington Stadium is clearly louder for Cowboys. Ugh.
CartesianTheater | 01:26 EDT
Washington Cheers for Dan Snyder for making this stadium a home game for Dallas! #selltheteam
BobCohen in Bama | 01:26 EDT
Washington If Dallas scores right here with a TD, this game may be over. We have no momentum.
bmartin17 | 01:30 EDT
Easy now, its the 1st quarter.
Atticus17 | 01:31 EDT
Dude stop.
SkinsNJ | 01:31 EDT
Washington So it's gonna be like this today…
B&G Beatdown | 01:34 EDT
Washington We are playing right now like this game is too big for us.
bmartin17 | 01:35 EDT
(3:42) D.Prescott pass to A.Cooper for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 11 - WAS 0
Washington Cooper too easy.
Twice Thriced | 01:35 EDT
Washington We are outclassed!
Gilchrist | 01:36 EDT
Washington Dak makes so much of a difference. Without him, Washington rolls.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 01:37 EDT
Washington The defense let them do whatever they wanted that drive. That was pathetic.
Sebastian75 | 01:37 EDT
Washington How were they not ready for the two point play. Dak never left the field. WTF? How does a DT lineup in the neutral zone? The ball is right there.
hiphopfan85 | 01:38 EDT
Washington What a rough start to a game that even media is clowning the team on... Embarrassing so far.
Anubis31 | 01:39 EDT
Washington Game Plan...let Dallas get a big start, have them get over confident, and then come back to make a game of it.
StillASkinsFan | 01:39 EDT
Washington Looks like Blubber Boy's guarantee was legit.
ShahShahS21T | 01:39 EDT
Washington So much for today. Turning off Red Zone, going for a walk in the park. No team name, no home field anymore, never show up when it counts. I'm about done.
Gary66 | 01:40 EDT
Washington The Cowboys were talking trash all week about this team and we see why. Ron has failed to have them prepared for this game and that's unacceptable.
Sebastian75 | 01:40 EDT
Washington Dallas defense is scary fast!
StillASkinsFan | 01:41 EDT
Steelers I don’t care if he isn’t great, I want Steelers to trade for Taylor H just because he works his Heinicke off.
NAS204PSU | 01:43 EDT
Washington ...go for it...
redskinbo | 01:44 EDT
Washington Gotta go for it.
StillASkinsFan | 01:44 EDT
Washington Might as well go for it.
ga8085 | 01:44 EDT
(0:29) 4th-and-2: T.Heinicke sacked (M.Parsons). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Armstrong for 37 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 18 - WAS 0
Steelers Heinicke just got absolutely smoked. I think he indented the ground.
RenoSteelersFan | 01:45 EDT
Washington What a disgrace.
B&G Beatdown | 01:45 EDT
Washington Welp.
CartesianTheater | 01:45 EDT
Washington Parsons > Young
KCPhoenix_11 | 01:45 EDT
Washington This is a disaster...
Atticus17 | 01:45 EDT
Washington I'm not sure what is worse: how much the offense is struggling or how much the stadium sounds pro-Dallas.
Twelfth man | 01:46 EDT
Washington Game is over.
birdbrain77 | 01:46 EDT
Washington Washington really wet the bed in the biggest game of the year.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 01:47 EDT
Eagles It is getting ugly for WSH.
grantspectations | 01:48 EDT
Eagles Diggs (9 INT/Year) shuts down the pass, Parsons creates fmble/touchdown. Take note Howie Roseman.
froggyluv | 01:48 EDT
Packers Ugh Chiefs rolling, Cowboys rolling, not enjoying the early games I can watch.
Spilly Talker | 01:48 EDT
Patriots Micah Parsons might not just be Defensive Rookie of the Year, but perhaps the entire NFL?
Michael McDermott | 01:48 EDT
Washington The Cowboys talked trash all week and we respond by cowering in fear and looking like a bunch of clowns.
Sebastian75 | 01:48 EDT
Eagles Washington is just killing itself with these turnovers.
nononono | 01:51 EDT
And by playing Dallas.
sacksfuhls | 02:47 EDT

Second Quarter
Washington Game not over yet.
NikoTaylor | 01:51 EDT
Washington Score a touchdown please.
SkinsNJ | 01:52 EDT
Washington Not over yet.
1052skins | 01:52 EDT
Giants Micah Parsons wasn’t just the best player in that draft. He’s the best player in the NFL. The Giants didn’t just blow it by passing him up for injury prone Toney but also the bust they’ll get from Chicago’s pick. And you know they’ll blow that to. Parsons is the microcosm of the Giants organization.
Moon Bars | 01:53 EDT
Washington Get the next 2 touchdowns and we’re right back in this thing.
NikoTaylor | 01:53 EDT
(14:14) T.Heinicke sacked (M.Parsons)
(13:15) WAS Punts
Washington Parsons looking like Chase Young last year.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 01:56 EDT
I wish Chase Young looked like Parsons...
KCPhoenix_11 | 01:57 EDT
He's better than Young.
ShockDiesel | 01:57 EDT
Eagles I love Smith, but holy heck, trading up - and having Dallas still end up with a complete stud in Parsons?
GBAB1973 | 01:57 EDT
Washington No answer for Dallas defense.
shally | 01:57 EDT
Washington From the Cowboys takeover to the score this is an absolute embarrassment from top to bottom.
Hooskins | 01:57 EDT
Washington RR called out McCarthy for his victory quote. RR looking the fool right now.
KCPhoenix_11 | 01:58 EDT
Washington Maybe not run the ball on 1st-and-10 for a 2 yard gain?
Jummy22 | 01:59 EDT
Washington Wasn’t expecting a blood bath today.
Twice Thriced | 02:00 EDT
Washington Just saw the clip on Red Zone, Parsons just threw Taylor to ground like a 5 pound bag of potatoes.
bmartin17 | 02:00 EDT
Giants With every great play Micah Parsons makes, I want to strangle Gettleman a little more. WTF was he thinking NOT drafting this guy???? FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forge8077 | 02:02 EDT
(11:23) DAL Punts
Washington If the first play is a handoff to Gibson up the middle, I swear to God!
SkinsNJ | 02:02 EDT
What you swearing? Cause you know it's coming.
sloopdawgg | 02:03 EDT
Giants The worst part about watching Parsons dominate isn't that we could have drafted him. It's knowing that if we did draft him, he wouldn't be dominating.
GiantsFirst | 02:03 EDT
Washington This team and offense is just not built to come back from large deficits.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 02:04 EDT
Definitely not built to stop Micah.
BarNunn | 02:05 EDT
Washington Jeez, Parsons looks like Lawrence Taylor out there.
ga8085 | 02:05 EDT
(10:31) WAS Punts
Washington We had to put a hat on Parsons today, that kid is playing so good, he doesn't even know how good he is playing.
bmartin17 | 02:08 EDT
Lions Parsons balling out.
Iputonshirts | 02:10 EDT
Eagles Lamb is sooo good.
BoobiesUncleChuck | 02:11 EDT
Washington WE make players look like Hulk.
kayersoze | 02:11 EDT
Eagles Pathetic how Landover is taken over by Cowboys fans. Even if the Birds were 1-10 we'd never let that happen.
kenzokari | 02:14 EDT
Washington Parsons should have been the #1 pick. He’s that good.
SR Management and Maintenance | 02:15 EDT
Washington This team is just getting killed. Dallas is on a different level.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 02:16 EDT
Eagles Dak doesn't look the same since that calf injury. Missing a ton of passes. He was on fire early in the year.
Howie Roseman BFF | 02:17 EDT
(4:58) G.Zuerlein 38 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 21 - WAS 0
Washington I would ignore this game and go out and cut the grass....but the thing is, it ain't growing.
mistamoe2021 | 02:19 EDT
Washington The halftime show should take place in Washington's locker room for maximum entertainment value.
drknowitall | 02:19 EDT
Washington TD here, get ball after half, TD there. 14-21 and back in it.
sloopdawgg | 02:19 EDT
Washington The football team has 30 yards of offense.
SR Management and Maintenance | 02:19 EDT
Washington The Cowboys have a done a good job of upgrading their defense this season. Tough game for WFT. Let's see if Heinicke can get it going here and in the second half.
blazerpnw | 02:25 EDT
Washington Not lying, I have some interior painting to do.
Twice Thriced | 02:27 EDT
I was just thinking the same thing.
WestCoastHokie | 02:28 EDT
May I come over and watch it dry?
BobCohen in Bama | 02:29 EDT
(2:25) WAS Punts
Washington Doesn’t even matter. Dallas D is insane right now.
SR Management and Maintenance | 02:29 EDT
Eagles When can the telecast move to a competitive game?
Ziggy2020 | 02:30 EDT
Washington Dallas has rattled Heinicke. Heinicke expects to get killed.
Gilchrist | 02:31 EDT
Washington Letter to my wife: I’m coming home early and I’m drunk.
Twice Thriced | 02:32 EDT
Washington 28-0 @ the half.
BillyBigBeer | 02:37 EDT
Washington A DALLAS “home” game !
Halffasteddie | 02:37 EDT
Washington Jerry Jones embarrassing "The Snide" is one potential perk from this game.
drknowitall | 02:38 EDT
Washington Ron Rivera standing there like an Easter Island Statue.
Gilchrist | 02:39 EDT
(0:15) G.Zuerlein 37 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 24 - WAS 0
Washington We are still in this game. Coming back to win will be difficult but not impossible.
Demj | 02:40 EDT
End Of Half
Eagles Heineken gonna look like Joe Montana when we play them.
BoobiesUncleChuck | 02:42 EDT
Washington Same old Redskins…
Washington What’s wrong with the offense ?
Teflong Dong1 | 02:44 EDT
The Dallas defense. Parsons in particular.
A&EdadHTTR | 02:45 EDT
Steelers Fun fact: The Cowboys had to bring their own hot benches to Fed-Ex Field today because the hot benches there don't actually heat. Dan Synder is the worst owner in the NFL.
Sebastian DeBeste | 02:47 EDT

Third Quarter
Washington McCarthy is standing tall in his guarantee.
Mike knotts creek | 02:55 EDT
Washington Parsons is the real deal.
WestCoastHokie | 02:56 EDT
(12:38) WAS Punts
Washington Dallas defense flies around the field, and their scheme is tailored for their speed.
StillASkinsFan | 02:59 EDT
Washington We face them again in 2 weeks. It will be our time to make a statement!
Gilchrist | 03:05 EDT
Washington The Cowboys have shut us down completely. No aspect of our game is working.
Gilchrist | 03:08 EDT
Punting's going OK.
MattInBrisVegas | 03:10 EDT
Washington Dallas testing out plays at this point.
dg28 | 03:09 EDT
Washington Dallas is clowning right now lining up Lamb in the backfield.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 03:10 EDT
(9:17) DAL Punts
Washington There were a few seconds after the Collins interception when this game looked like it could be fun. Then everything else happened.
John NC | 03:13 EDT
Eagles Oh my, Washington needs a QB
Phillysf | 03:17 EDT
Washington WFT brought a knife to a gun fight.
twoplanters | 03:17 EDT
(6:57) T.Heinicke pass deep left to C.Sims for 43 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 24 - WAS 8
Washington That's a TD!
dg28 | 03:20 EDT
Washington I expect to lose. But if we can make it a game again, the loss won't be as bad as if we just collapse.
TN1 | 03:23 EDT
Washington Got the Magic back.
monroekelly21 | 03:23 EDT
Washington Time for the greatest comeback in WFT history.
MattInBrisVegas | 03:26 EDT
Washington Every other Dallas RB looks better than Zeke.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 03:27 EDT
(4:05) DAL Punts
Washington Yes. Now score a TD.
SkinsNJ | 03:28 EDT
Patriots Washington has come alive again.
Michael McDermott | 03:29 EDT
(3:26) T.Heinicke pass to A.Gibson. FUMBLES (K.Neal), RECOVERED by DAL-J.Lewis.
Washington I thought he was down. Nope def a fumble...
KCPhoenix_11 | 03:31 EDT
Washington Backbreaker
1052skins | 03:32 EDT
Washington Oh crap ... They just brought Jeremy Sprinkle in! McCarthy wanting to rub salt in the wound
Abu Coletrane | 03:34 EDT
Washington What a difference a year makes. Last year, Gibson was waving goodbye to Dallas. Now, he is a fumbling bum.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 03:35 EDT
(1:35) G.Zuerlein 28 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 27 - WAS 8
Washington 27-16 in 1,2,3…
Twice Thriced | 03:37 EDT
(0:28) T.Heinicke sacked at WAS 10 for -10 yards (D.Lawrence)
Washington Crazy strength and speed by Lawrence.
monroekelly21 | 03:40 EDT
Washington Lawrence timed that perfectly.
dg28 | 03:40 EDT

Fourth Quarter
(14:25) WAS punts
(12:56) DAL punts
(12:56) T.Heinicke sacked for -10 yards (N.Gallimore).
Washington Heinicke hurt again.
dg28 | 03:49 EDT
Washington Freaking dumptrucked Larsen.
monroekelly21 | 03:49 EDT
Washington Larsen got hurt leading to the sack where Heinicke got hurt. When it rains, it pours.
dg28 | 03:50 EDT
Washington True Washington colors.....get everyone's hopes up then shotgun everyone in the nuts.
Anubis31 | 03:54 EDT
(11:59) WAS punts
Washington Wouldn't be surprised if this team doesn't win another game this season.
BillyBigBeer | 03:57 EDT
(10:40) PENALTY on DAL-L.Collins, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Ejected.
Washington C'mon keep it classy guys.
Mm90 | 03:59 EDT
(9:34) DAL punts
Washington Hard to believe the big tub of goo McCarthy will be right with his trash talking guaranteeing victory. Smh.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 04:05 EDT
Washington This team is good at scoring meaningless points to make the game look closer than it was.
Sebastian75 | 04:06 EDT
What points?
Mm90 | 04:06 EDT
(5:09) J.Williams for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN .
DAL 27 - WAS 14
Washington Good to have fresh legs at RB. Nice drive and TD Mr. Williams
WestCoastHokie | 04:10 EDT
(4:13) D.Prescott pass INTERCEPTED, C.Holcomb for 31 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 27 - WAS 20
Washington Holcomb!!!!
dg28 | 04:13 EDT
Washington Yessss
SkinsNJ | 04:13 EDT
Washington Lol
Mm90 | 04:13 EDT
Washington Well hello there Dak Romo! How you doing baby!!!!!
StillASkinsFan | 04:13 EDT
Washington What?!!!! Oh it’s on!
Discodc | 04:14 EDT
Washington YES!! We got a chance!
ben httwft | 04:14 EDT
(4:13) WAS extra point is Blocked (C.Golston)
Washington Wow, keep beating ourselves.
KCPhoenix_11 | 04:15 EDT
Washington Another blocked kick. Sigh.
dg28 | 04:15 EDT
Washington We are going to win. Xmas is coming early for us.
kayersoze | 04:15 EDT
Washington GAME PRESSURE and they could IMPLODE.
StillASkinsFan | 04:16 EDT
Eagles Dallas game getting sloppy.
ComestippleSacksoun | 04:17 EDT
Washington WTF is going on?
kayersoze | 04:17 EDT
WFT is going on!
Twice Thriced | 04:17 EDT
Washington Wow Dallas is REALLY trying to lose this game.
D.C. sports fan in SoCal | 04:17 EDT
Washington What a completely crazy game.
mst1000 | 04:17 EDT
Washington Well here it is.
Mm90 | 04:18 EDT
Washington And like that we control our own destiny.
WestCoastHokie | 04:18 EDT
(3:16) DAL punts
Washington Here we go.
SkinsNJ | 04:18 EDT
Washington Guys we are going to WIN.
kayersoze | 04:19 EDT
Washington WE HAVE A CHANCE!
1052skins | 04:19 EDT
Eagles WSH has a chance ...
grantspectations | 04:21 EDT
(2:34) Ruling on the field: fumble, recovered by Dallas *** play under review ***
Washington Is this real?
Twice Thriced | 04:21 EDT
Washington Well, that sucks.
dg28 | 04:21 EDT
Washington This can't be real.
Twice Thriced | 04:21 EDT
(2:34) Booth review: K.Allen sacked (R.Gregory). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-J.Kearse
Washington I hate McCarthy. What a bag of ducks.
WestCoastHokie | 04:24 EDT
Washington Game over, what a letdown.
ga8085 | 04:27 EDT
End of Game
Eagles Dallas could clinch the division next week..ugh
sacksfuhls | 04:52 EDT

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