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2021 NFL Week 15 Dallas Cowboys Fan Rooting Guide: A top seed in the NFC is still very possible

Cowboys fans are rooting against all of the division leaders.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are effectively NFC East Champions, and while there is a sector of the fan base that won’t rest easy in that sense until caps and t-shirts have been handed out, the reality is that it would take a massive choke job for them to lose this thing. Currently, the Cowboys are on pace to host a playoff game for the first time since the 2018 season, and the hope is that they can participate in, and even host, as many as possible.

In order for the Cowboys to host multiple playoff games come January they will have to be one of the top seeds in the NFC. This has felt a bit difficult for the last couple of weeks, but a recent loss by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night (not to mention the injury to DeAndre Hopkins) has breathed life into that cause yet again.

The priority remains for Dallas to take care of their own business and win their own games, but outside help is never a bad thing. During the middle of the week we spoke about the playoff-clinching scenarios for the Cowboys and they involve a wide-ranging number of outcomes.

Ultimately what things come down to is rooting against the other division leaders in the NFC (Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Arizona), Washington (although a tie between them and Philadelphia would be the truly great result), and the Rams. Los Angeles seems set to be the five seed, or maybe even NFC West winner at this point, but if they were to lose it is possible that somebody else could jump them in the Wildcard race meaning it would be that team that Dallas would host if they stay as the four seed.

Also as we have been all year we are rooting for the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins as the Philadelphia Eagles own their first-round picks next year. It goes without saying that we want those picks to be as far back as possible. The same is also true for the Chicago Bears as the Giants hold their first-rounder in 2022, but what’s more is that a loss from the Minnesota Vikings could also be an ingredient that helps clinch a playoff berth for Dallas in one of the many scenarios.

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